Tried and True: Crustless Chard Quiche

I’m a huge fan of quiche, but I can no longer eat the crust. (I tried buying a gluten free crust the last time I made a pot pie, and it, um, left a little to be desired.)

I’m a huge fan of swiss chard, but I’m getting tired of eating it sauteed in olive oil every time.

I’m a huge fan of eggs, but I’m getting tired of eating them scrambled and fried.

So when I saw Lydia’s recipe for Crustless Chard Quiche, there was no doubt that I was going to make it.

Did I mention I’m also a huge fan of caramelized onions? In fact, they may be my favoritest thing EVER. I’m not sure which is better – the smell of them cooking or the taste of them on my tongue.

And bacon and gruyere . . . need I say more?

I made this quiche for dinner last week, and oh, BE STILL MY HEART.

It just might be the tastiest quiche I’ve ever had. I honestly did not miss the crust one iota.

It made a tasty dinner, but the rest of my family is not quite as enamored with quiche as I am so there was a lot left over. I happily ate that quiche for breakfast every day for a week. I almost cried when I ate the last piece.

This is not hard to make, but it does take some time, and it makes quite a few dirty dishes along the way. But the nice thing about quiche is, you can clean up while it bakes so there is no cleanup after dinner. Also, you can serve it hot or at room temperature, so you it’s a great meal to do for company because you don’t have to worry about it being ready at a certain time.

Like most quiche recipes, you start by cooking the meat, in this case, bacon.

While that’s cooking, slice the onions. When the bacon is nicely browned, strain it out and add the onions to the pan. Slowly cook them over low heat until they are perfectly caramelized. Meanwhile, slice and rinse your swiss chard. I like to use a salad spinner.

When the onions are caramelized, add the swiss chard to the pan and cover till wilted.

Take it off the heat, and while it’s cooling, prepare your cheeses.

I shredded the gruyere in my food processor using the shredder attachment. (Gruyere isn’t cheap, but the best price I know of is at Trader Joe’s. Also, they have raw milk gruyere, which, I realize may be pointless when I’m going to cook it, but I still prefer to purchase raw cheese when possible.)

I grated the Parmesan using the regular blade. (I also get my parm at Trader Joe’s.)

In another bowl, mix together the eggs, cream, cheeses, salt and pepper. (I didn’t use herbs or nutmeg.) Then add the chard and the onions and pour into a buttered pie plate or casserole dish.

Bake and enjoy! Serve warm or at room temp.

To get the recipe in its entirety, visit Lydia at Divine Health.

For more Tasty Tuesday recipes, head on over to Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.


  1. says

    We do something similar frequently for dinner. Sometimes I take it down the Spanish tortilla route w/ potatoes and other times I load it it up with mushrooms and bacon, like you have here. It’s less of a recipe than method: saute everything until wonderful, add beaten eggs, cook on the burner until set, and finish under the broil.
    I’d give it another try with other ingredients your family may be more interested in, unless it was a texture thing.

  2. Melissa says

    We had this last week….well sorta. I didn’t use bacon and tossed in the cheese I had on hand, but even when using the substitutions (and added mushrooms) it was delicious! I’m looking forward to actually making it just by the recipe. And, I even ate the leftovers cold…right out of the fridge and it was still good!

  3. Megan says

    I make a crustless quiche about once every two weeks because my girls love eggs and, frankly, I can’t be bothered with the crust. I usually saute some spinach in olive oil and I like to use Muenster cheese. The last time that I made it, all that I had on hand was cheddar so I added that and some tomatoes to the spinach. It’s great to send to school for lunch for the girls too. M likes hers heated but A likes to eat it cold!

  4. says

    That sounds yummy. I’ve been making crustless quiche for awhile now but I haven’t tried this recipe. And wouldn’t you know we have Chard growing in our garden right now. We’ve been sauteing it like you but it’s also great uncooked in salads.
    Thanks for the recipe.

  5. says

    Ooh so glad you loved this!! My family isn’t as into this as I am either, but hey it makes a great easy breakfast, lunch and dinner for a busy momma on the go!!!

  6. says

    This sounds fabulous! Only my mom and I would eat it, but it would SO be worth the work! Also, I just made a “crustless” quiche that used about 1/4 cup flour and it actually separated from the eggs and formed a crust on the bottom, it was pretty cool. The recipe mentioned that you could use GF flour and it would do the same thing!

  7. says

    Thank you ma’am for a menu idea for next week. I’ve pretty much worn out the other tried and true crustless quiche recipe you posted quite a ways back. That, and your brownies. Oh, and your chicken enchiladas. Suffice it to say you have left a memorable impression on our weekly meals for some time now! Keep ‘em comin’!

  8. says

    I made this for dinner last night and enjoyed leftovers for breakfast this morning. VERY tasty recipe! Even my husband loved it and he’s not normally a fan of any sort of greens. It was an easy way to sneak some yummy vitamins into his food ;) I’ll be enjoying leftovers for breakfast tomorrow as well, hopefully even the day after :D I love that it reheats so well! Thanks for sharing a great recipe!

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