Scenes From Seattle

After traveling back and forth across four time zones last week, I’m taking things a bit slowly here on the blog — trying to get my house in order and spend quality time with the kids and get started on some design work that I was putting off until I got back from our trip.  While I was away, I wrote and submitted 8 articles (those are in addition to the posts I put up here and on Eat Local Philly) so I’m feeling a little burned out on the writing side of life at the moment.

I did, however, take a slew of photos of Seattle, and I can’t wait to share them with you. I’m going to opt for a photo collage instead of a thorough recap.  You can click on any of these photos for the full size.


  1. Dawn says

    So jealous! Love, love, love Seattle and the market is the most amazing place ever for a foodie. Thanks for sharing your pics! BTW, have I ever mentioned how gosh dern photogenic you are?

  2. says

    love the photos! looks like you had a great visit there. we’ve been in the cleveland area for the past 5 years after moving from seattle so seeing these photos brings back lots of memories.

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