Healthy Breakfast Ideas

healthy breakfast recipes

In our attempts to feed our family a more traditional diet, we have stopped buying boxed cereals and freezer waffles, which were pretty much the extent of our breakfast menu before. I thought I’d list some of the things I’ve been doing for breakfast, and I would love to hear more ideas in the comments.

Since the writing of this post, I have gone gluten free, so I’m adding a few more ideas that are GF as well as some grain-free options!

12 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

1. Fried Eggs on Toast. My middle child doesn’t care for eggs, which is ironic because she was allergic to them her first few years of life.  The rest of us love fried eggs, though. I will fry an egg or two in butter with some sea salt and pepper for flavor. I usually throw a piece of bread into the toaster at the same time (Udi’s Gluten Free for me!) They both take about 3 minutes and are ready at the same time. I like to put my egg right on my toast and eat it together.

2. The Best Scrambled Eggs Ever. I tried this recipe for the first time on Sunday. YUM. It’s also a nice nutritious, inexpensive breakfast-for-dinner idea.

3. Healthy AND Tasty Pancakes with real maple syrup. I’ll be honest. It took my kids a few days to come around to this hearty pancake recipe, but now they ask for them. I make a batch for Saturday mornings, and then I store the leftovers in the freezer in ZipLock gallon bags that we pop in the toaster oven and eat throughout the week. My daughters particularly like these.

4. French Toast with real maple syrup. This actually whips up pretty quickly. Bonus if you make it with homemade bread.

5. Oatmeal. My son has always loved oatmeal, and my girls will eat it if I make it. I use the regular Quaker Rolled Oats (not the quick cooking kind) and I make it on the stove top with whole milk. I sprinkle brown sugar (or better yet, Sucanat) on top, and they eat it right up!

6. Baked Soaked Oatmeal. My kids aren’t as fond of this as I am, but I love the stuff. Your kids may like it, though. It’s sweet and yummy.

7. Homemade Granola. I absolutely LOVE this recipe. So does my husband. My bigger kids prefer it without milk, as a snack. But my little one scarfs down a bowl of it in milk every morning. It’s also good in yogurt.

8. “Mom is Great” Breakfast Cake. I just made this, and I love it. It’s a bit heavy, but once you get used to it, it’s really enjoyable. This will be my newest take-to-church-for-coffee-hour treat.

9. Creeping Crust Fruit Pie. This one’s a hit with my 3-year-old. (And me.  *GRIN*)

10. Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes. These are a bit dense, but yummy. They could even be dessert!

11. Banana Blueberry Egg Mini Muffins. These are gluten free and grain-free for those eating Paleo. The recipe is super simple, and they’re great for breakfast or a snack at any time of day.

12. Crustless Chard Quiche. This delectable quiche is so rich and delicious you’ll never miss the crust!


  1. Jo-Lynne says

    Works for me! You should have seen the look on the barista’s face when I ordered a Grande Latte, whole milk, no whip. Snort.

  2. says

    Our newest favorite is the wonderful 7-grain hot cereal that Whole Foods sells. It takes a little longer to cook than oatmeal, but it is loaded with whole grain goodness. I serve it with honey, maple syrup, or brown sugar, and I top it with milk.


  3. says

    For a lighter on the go breakfast I always like an apple with a handful or so of raw almonds. You get some fruit, protein and fat. A banana with almond butter is always perfect too. :)

  4. says

    We usually make a fruit smoothie for breakfast, but occasionally I’ll do an egg frittata style (saute onions and peppers in olive oil or butter, top with either slices of fresh tomato or a little crushed tomato, top with slices of cheese of choice. Whip up eggs with a little milk, salt and pepper and pour over veggies and cheese. Cook, lifting edges slightly to allow egg to go under. Cover and cook until desired doneness (is that a word?). YUM! I like my eggs “dead”, so I actually flip this over (not easy) to cook the underside. :)

  5. Jo-Lynne says

    Kathy, I love frittatas! And I make smoothies for snack. Thanks for reminding me it’s a good breakfast option too.

    (I like my eggs dead too.)

  6. says

    Thanks for the great ideas! Breakfast is one meal where I seem to get stuck in a rut, probably because it is the most rushed meal of the day, due to my packing lunches, fixing ponytails and hurrying everyone out the door.

  7. Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect says

    Those meals sound so good!!! How are you handling cooking more – as far as taking more time? Because as good as these sound, it also sounds like a lot of work…

  8. Jo-Lynne says

    Mary, it is more work, but so far I’m enjoying it. Nothing I’m making takes a whole lot of time in and of itself. My nails are taking a beating from being in the water so much though. 😉

  9. says

    Thank you! Breakfast is tough for me because I’ve never been a big “breakfast person”. Like you, we don’t do breakfast cereal, etc. anymore. Fried eggs are one of our favorites around here too, and that baked oatmeal recipe is SUPER similar to one I have typed up and ready to post, LOL. I am definitely trying the “Mom is Great” cake! Sounds like my kind of breakfast.

  10. DeeAnne says

    Thank you for sharing all of these healthy ideas (breakfast and lunch). I hate planning meals and it is so helpful when someone passes along great ideas.

  11. says

    I’m another one that struggles through breakfast. I’M the one that gets bored with the same old-same old. I have to admit though, since I’ve started using natural foods the boys are doing SO MUCH better at school. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. Thrills this momma’s soul!

  12. says

    Thank you SO much for posting these recipes! I’ve learned so much from you. It’s not always easy to eat healthy when you have a big family, but you’ve given me great ideas and taken away a lot of my excuses! Keep ’em coming!

  13. Tara says

    Thanks so much. I am printing them and putting them in my family recipe binder. I have been collecting recipe in my binder for about a year or so. It is almost time for a new one. One thing I do ~ I make color copies of recipes in my cookbooks (if they aren’t on line). I also have a section of “recipes” for all natural cleaning products.

    I thought I would share my family’s new favorite bfast item. It is the breakfast cookies from Heavenly Homemakers:

    I add flax meal and nuts (raw walnuts or almonds), as well as dried cranberries and a handful of chocolate chips. They are very good!

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