Spring Wardrobe Essentials 2017

I’ve already had a few requests for this year’s spring essentials so I thought Ground Hog Day was a good time to post it! Unfortunately Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning so it looks like we’re in for another six weeks of winter, but it can’t hurt to start thinking ahead. In fact, looking forward to spring is about the only thing keeping me sane these days with a house full of sickies (including the dog, believe it or not!)

This post is certainly not exhaustive, but it should be a good starting point for most of us. These are pieces that are on trend this spring and will provide a basic foundation for your spring wardrobe. You will need to discern which pieces you should add to your closet based on your own lifestyle and wardrobe needs, but these are articles of clothing, shoes, and accessories that you may want to consider.


2017 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

#1. Basic White Tee

Basic White Tee

This probably goes without saying, but I don’t want to leave it out because it is absolutely an essential. Investing in a few quality t-shirts that you can wear alone with a great accessory or layer under your jackets and cardigans is crucial. I prefer a v-neck or scoop neck, but you may like a crew neck or boat neck style. Choose a neckline that is flattering on you.

I prefer a tee without a pocket, but they’re hard to find. My friend Carly designed one that is amazing, although it is a bit on the thinner side, FYI. It’s made in Pennsylvania, and a portion of the proceeds go to K.Hovnanian Children’s Hospital. You can read more about it HERE.

I’m linking up some of my other recommendations below. Hover over the images to see the brands and price, and click through to shop!


#2. Rain Boots

Hunter Boots

If you live in a climate where it rains, rain boots are a must for spring. I can’t believe I went so many years without them! I love my Hunters, but I’m also a huge fan of BOGS, and Kamik makes a nice rain boot at a lower price point. FYI, this one pair of Hunters in the Ocean color is 30% off at Zappo’s. I recommend sizing down in these.


#3. White Jeans

Spring Essentials: White Jeans

White jeans make a crisp statement and pair well with everything from neutrals to pastels to brights. I cannot imagine my spring and summer wardrobe without them. (Okay, I’ve got to stop saying that. This IS a list of essentials, after all. Ha!)

It is important to find a pair that fits well and the material is thick enough that you can’t see through it. I like an ankle length skinny jean best, especially for summertime. I have a cropped pair with distressing and a plain ankle-length pair, and I wear them both a ton during the spring and summertime (and even through the fall and winter, but they’re a must-have for spring.) Of course, you can do white jeans in a straight or bootcut style if that’s more your jam.

You know I will recommend premium brands like DL1961 and Paige, but you can certainly find decent white jeans for less if your budget is tight. Check LOFT and Kohl’s for more budget-friendly options, but no matter where you shop, be sure to try them on and get a good look at your rear view to ensure a great fit.

#4. Denim Jacket

Spring Wardrobe Essentials: Denim Jacket

denim jacket is great to have in your closet all year round, but it’s the perfect layering piece for spring. I love how a denim jacket looks over a dress or with a skirt to make the look less dressy and a little more edgy. It also looks great over a basic tee with white jeans. Also consider a white denim jacket for a fun twist on this classic wardrobe essential.


#5. Classic Trench

Spring Wardrobe Essentials: Trench Coat

I realize a trench coat makes it into every year’s spring essentials post, but there’s good reason for that. Every woman should have one. If you want to totally splurge, a Burberry trench is a classic you will wear for the next 20 years, but there are plenty of quality trench coats in the $100-200 range.


#6. Fatigue Jacket

Spring Essentials: Utility Jacket

A military or fatigue jacket is a great alternative to a jean jacket. If you live a super casual lifestyle, you may want one of each. I don’t wear mine a ton, but I’m always glad I have one in my closet. I still love my olive green one, but this year I added a lighter weight grey in a collarless style that I styled earlier this week.


#7. Wedge Sandals

Spring Wardrobe Essentials: Wedge Sandals

I adore wedge sandals, and I cannot WAIT for the weather to warm up enough to break mine out. If you’re only going to have one pair, my best advice is to go with a neutral tone. The Marc Fisher Adalyn Espadrille Wedge Sandals (pictured above) were popular last year, and this year they’re taking off again, bigger than ever. They are in like every blogger’s spring crush list, and many are already wearing them in warmer climates. They were sold out last year by early July, and I expect the same will happen this year. I actually have both the Adalyn and the Annie Perforated style. This Jaylen Wedge by Steve Madden is a great dupe at a much lower price point.

There are tons of other cute styles too. I’ll link up a bunch of my favorites below.


#8. Ballet Flats

Spring Wardrobe Essentials: Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats are great all year round, but I find myself wearing them the most in the springtime. Often it’s not warm enough for open sandals, but I am tired of my boots, so my ballet flats get a lot of wear at this time of year. You know how much I love and adore my Felicia Flats, but they’ve been somewhat replaced by my Minnie Travel Flats. Ever since I got those, I find myself gravitating to them more. The Felicia flats are every bit as comfortable (perhaps more so) but I love the Tory French Grey color, and the medallion seems a bit more sophisticated than the bow. They’re both great shoes, though. You can’t go wrong with either.

I’ll link up these and other great choices in the widget below.


#9. Fashion Sneakers

Adidas Superstar: IT Shoe for Spring

Fashion sneakers like Converse, Superga, or Adidas Superstar are essentials for every season, but they’re especially fun in the springtime.


#10. Structured Handbag

Spring Wardrobe Essentials: Structured Handbag in Blush

This year, handbag styles are becoming more structured. Satchels are popular, and totes never go out of style. Hobo styles are still around, and there are plenty of crossbodies as well, but even they are rather structured. Mini versions of popular bags are big right now, but I prefer a larger bag. I tried to downsize for a while, but for daily use, I like a bag that I can stash extra stuff in.

Color-wise, white and pastel bags are definitely big. If you want to add one on-trend bag to your collection right now, I would definitely go with a white, blush, or periwinkle blue. if you don’t care so much about trends but want a good neutral bag you can carry for years, go with light grey or taupe or cognac. They’re still light enough to be on trend, but they are classic enough to last you for years.

This picture below is of the new Rebecca Minkoff Unlined Convertible Whipstitch Hobo — that color lineup is a great example of what’s trending. I love that bright coral almost as much as the blush and grey. And of course cognac and black are classics. You can never go wrong with those, although I find the cognac to be more versatile and more appropriate year-round.

new Rebecca Minkoff Unlined Convertible Whipstitch Hobo

You know handbags are my jam. These are some of my favorites right now:


Also, whimsical bags are trending — bags with quotes, pictures, or cute animals are huge right now, but that’s definitely a trendy piece that you don’t want to spend a lot on unless you have money to burn. (LOL!)


#11. Aviators

Ray-Ban Aviators, perfect for Holiday Gift Giving!

A great pair of sunglasses makes a nice fashion statement, plus they protect your eyes of course. Aviators are never out of style, but they are particularly trendy at the moment. I have a pair with the pink gradient, but I’m kind of wanting to add a bold pink flash polarized lenses to my collection, or maybe the green flash. I personally love the matte gold frames.


Obviously you’ll still need to fill in with a few sweaters and tops, jeans and pants, a dress or two, and maybe a few skirts. It all depends on your lifestyle and what you already have in your closet, but I think this is a good place to start. I focused this post on essentials that are the foundation of your spring wardrobe, but it’s also fun to add a few trendy pieces to your closet each season. Check out my Spring Fashion Forecast for some of the hot trends this spring!

If you’re overwhelmed and looking for help building your wardrobe, I highly recommend Trunk Club, a personal shopping service by Nordstrom. Learn more about my Trunk Club experience HERE.

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