Night Terrors and a Sappy Mommy Moment

I think the other night Caroline had what is called a night terror. I had heard about these, but never really experienced one until last Sunday night. She was sleeping between my husband and me in our bed. Out of a sound sleep, I was awoken by screaming and the flailing of 3-year-old limbs. I immediately reached out and […]

And don’t call me ‘Dude’

Paul: “Hey, David, turn off the video games.  Time’s up.” David: “Duuuuude. I just got on. It’s only been like five minutes!” Paul: “You’ve been playing at least 20 minutes. Find something else to do for a while.” “And don’t call me ‘dude’.”

It Just Goes Too Fast!

I just finished rocking my baby to sleep, perhaps my most favorite thing to do in the whole world.  As she slept in my arms, I sat and gazed at her sweet 8-month-old baby face, trying to memorize every inch because I know that my memory will fade so soon. Every time I sit and […]

“Why do we have to die?”

Honestly, the three-year-old mind just produces the most amazing comments and questions. I was laying with Caroline last night as I often do when I put her to bed, (this is where we have some of the most interesting conversations) and this is the question she asked me: “Why do we have to die?” Whoa. […]

Which Way?

Last night I was praying with Caroline, and at the end  I prayed that she and David would grow to repent and believe in Jesus. When I was done, Caroline said, “David doesn’t want to go his way.” I wasn’t  sure which “his” she was referring to, so I said, “What way does David want to  […]

Father’s Day

David and I were at Lowe’s this morning, and we walked by the riding mowers.  David piped up: “This is what Daddy wants.  When we were here, he got to try one.” Me: “Oh, he did, did he?” David: “Yeah.  That’s what I want to get him for Father’s Day.  When is Father’s Day?” Before […]