What I’m Up To This Weekend

Doing dishes, Sweeping floors, Keeping up with laundry. Although these everyday things hold no joy right now. Not that mundane household chores are ever a supreme source of joy, but usually I can take some satisfaction in them. Avoiding foods with serotonin in preparation for my carcinoid test on Monday, Giving my kids an extra […]

So as a diversion from more serious matters at hand…

Let’s talk Christmas! Here are some of our family’s favorite Christmas gifts this year. David got the remote control helicopter he asked for and a laser tag set from one of his cousins. Caroline says her favorite gifts are her “princess light” and her “princess umbrella.”  Both were actually birthday gifts, but with a Christmas […]

Mystery Disease

I saw my PCP this morning regarding the “episode” last week.  He is a very kind man and was very understanding.  He said that I am having a vasovagal reaction to something, but to what he has no idea, and we may never know.  He said that typically in these situations, he refers to all […]

Ups and Downs

Many of my readers didn’t know me last winter, as I only started blogging in May. But last winter, I had some very strange… I’ll call them "episodes", that sent me to the ER twice and to four different doctors.  Tests uncovered two relatively minor medical issues that were deemed unrelated, but no answers as […]

Cheese Strata Recipe

This recipe is the cheese strata recipe I am making tomorrow morning for my brunch. I got this cheese strata recipe from my aunt many years ago, and it’s always a hit. It makes a great Christmas morning breakfast casserole. What I really love — besides the fact that it is utterly delicious, is that […]

Christmas Tour of Homes

Welcome to the Christmas Tour of Homes! BooMama has requested the following: 1) pictures of your tree 2) pictures of a particular collection that you  love 3) pictures of your favorite nativity scene 4) pictures of your front  door and 5) pictures of your outside decorations if you’d like to share  them 6) favorite quick and […]

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

I’ve never been big into the whole Santa thing. I mean, we do “Santa gifts” under the tree and all.  But we don’t go to great lengths to keep our kids believing that he is real and all that. And yet.  There is something about that traditional picture of the kids sitting on Santa’s knee […]