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I’ve had a few requests to share the best basic t-shirt, and I have to admit, I’m still looking. The t-shirt trend is always evolving, and lately the trend seems to be thin and relaxed. It seems like t-shirts keep getting bigger and baggier. Add to that, they’re often tissue-thin, and finding a basic white t-shirt that doesn’t require any layering seems almost impossible.

Generally, I prefer a fitted top. They’re just more flattering on my body type, and I daresay, on most body types. But as the more relaxed styles have come back into vogue, my eye has started to adjust and appreciate a baggier style with a bit of a front tuck, although it’s not always easy to wear. I think you actually need both in your wardrobe nowadays — a trendier, baggier tee for wearing alone as well as a more traditional body-conscious tee for layering.

I’ve been meaning to get to the mall for the purpose of this post to try on a bunch of t-shirts and report back, but I haven’t time so I’m going to peruse the interwebs and find some options to suggest. Fortunately most sites have user reviews, which can be very helpful when trying to weed out the good from the bad.

10 Basic T-Shirts to Try

1. Ann Taylor Scoop Neck Tee (40% off!)

I have high hopes for this one. It looks thicker than most, and it’s not drapey, although it also doesn’t look to be as fitted as I like, but nothing is anymore. It gets great reviews. It does have a bit of a dressier vibe than some, but sometimes that’s nice to have.

Fashion Over 40: ISO the Best Basic White T-Shirt

2. They also have this V-neck style, which I love.

Fashion Over 40: ISO the Best Basic White T-Shirt

3. Halogen Modal & Linen Tee (40% off!)

I just ordered this in pink, and I like it a lot, although it is definitely a more relaxed style, and it has the high-lo hem, so it’s not your most basic tee. I haven’t washed it yet. I’m hoping the material holds up.

Fashion Over 40: ISO the Best Basic White T-Shirt

4. Banana Republic Essential Crew (40% off through 6/20)

Banana Republic has long been my go-to for basic t-shirts and tanks. They’ve changed their “timeless” tees and tanks to this new line of “essential” tees and tanks, and reviews are mixed. Still, it’s one I would try. In fact, I just ordered one. They also have an Essential Vee for those who prefer a V-neck style.

Fashion Over 40: ISO the Best Basic White T-Shirt

5. LOFT Scoop Neck Tee (40% off!)

This one looks promising. There are no reviews to go on, but it appears to have a bit of shape to it through the waist, and I like a scoop neck. It’s generally more flattering than a crew.

Fashion Over 40: ISO the Best Basic White T-Shirt

6. LOFT Textural Pocket Tee (40% off!)

Another option at LOFT, this is more relaxed and casual than the Scoop Neck Tee above.

Fashion Over 40: ISO the Best Basic White T-Shirt

Bonus Tee: For a non-white tee, this Easy Tee at LOFT looks like a good choice.

Fashion Over 40: ISO the Best Basic T-Shirt7. Madewell V-Neck Slub Tee

I debated about including this one. My guess is that it’s pretty thin, and the V may too deep for most of us, but I also thought it was a nice option to add to this list.

Fashion Over 40: ISO the Best Basic T-Shirt

8. Talbots Fresh Jersey Tee

I haven’t shopped at Talbots in years, but I thought they might have a thicker white t-shirt. They actually have several to choose from, but reviews are mixed. This fresh jersey tee looks promising, but some reviewers say it’s clingy in the middle.

Fashion Over 40: ISO the Best Basic T-Shirt

9. Another Talbots option is this 100% cotton slub Pocket Tee. Unfortunately the Talbots website is a bit lacking. Their images are small and don’t show the shirts very clearly.

Fashion Over 40: ISO the Best Basic T-Shirt

10. WHBM Short Sleeve Seamless Tee

I’m dying to try this seamless tee from White House Black Market. I love the fit and the neckline, and it looks thicker than most. It comes in a ton of colors. I’m drooling over that Cassis.

Fashion Over 40: ISO the Best Basic T-Shirt

If you have a recommendation for a great basic white t-shirt, I’d love to hear it!

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