How to Wear White Jeans for Spring

How To Wear White Jeans for Spring

White jeans are my very favorite summer staple. I think everyone should have at least one pair in their wardrobe. They’re so fresh and crisp, and they truly go with everything. I’m going to share what to look for in a pair of white jeans and some of my best product recommendations. Then I’ll show my favorite ways to style white jeans for spring.

Finding the Perfect White Jeans

Consider the cut. I vote for a cigarette style — skinny but not so that they hug the ankle. You can also try boyfriend jeans in white, if you don’t like the idea of a skinny.

Consider the fabric. It is never more important that a pant is thick enough than with a white jean. The last thing you want is for people to see through the jeans to all the imperfections underneath. Generally, you get what you pay for, but you can find some decent white jeans at the lower price points.

I personally love my DL1961 Angel in Milk (currently on sale 25% off). They are nice and thick, they wear well and don’t stretch out, and they have a comfortable rise. For a lower price point, LOFT makes a nice, thick white jean

If you’re a fan of designer denim, as I am, Nordstrom has quite a few on sale at the moment. The Florence Instasculpt style that I LOVE is marked 25% off. In fact, I just ordered a pair because the Angel style that I have is starting to get too snug. I have the Florence in 2 other washes, and they fit me much better. The DL1961 Emma Legging in white is also 25% off. I have that style in red and green, and I like it a lot, but it’s also a snug fit. Joe’s Spotless Skinnies in white are on sale, as are the Paige Skyline Skinnies.

Finally, make sure you have the proper undergarments. Do not wear white undies, and for the love of all that’s decent, don’t wear a bright color! Go for a neutral panty that is close to your skin tone in a seamless style that doesn’t create any unnecessary creases. Trust me, no one wants to see that!

How to Wear White Jeans

There are soooo many ways to wear white jeans. Here are a few of my favorite white jeans outfits from past years. You can see that the possibilities are limitless.

How to Wear White Jeans for Spring

Of course I’m always looking for new ways to style the clothes I have in my closet so I went to Pinterest to get some inspiration for how to wear white jeans this summer season! Click on the images to get to the original source (if I could find them; so many pins are linked incorrectly.)

1. White jeans with chambray. Brown accessories or silver or a pop of yellow or pink can all work well with this combination.

How To Wear White Jeans for Spring: white jeans with chambray

2. White jeans with white. Either gold or silver accessories work well with this classy look.

How To Wear White Jeans for Spring: white on white

3. White Jeans with Coral. Love the turquoise necklace and tan/gold accessories in this outfit.

How To Wear White Jeans for Spring: white jeans with coral

4. White with pastels… super on trend this spring. The nude accessories are perfection with this outfit.

How To Wear White Jeans for Spring: white and pastel

5. White jeans with warm neutrals. How classy is this!?

How To Wear White Jeans for Spring: white jeans with leopard and brown

6. White and gray is always a classic combo. Love the pop of coral too!

How To Wear White Jeans for Spring: white and gray

7. White and black. You simply can’t go wrong with this combination.

How To Wear White Jeans for Spring: white jeans with black top and leopard

You really can’t do white jeans wrong! For tons more ways to style white jeans, check out my Summer Style Pinterest Board! (And follow me on Pinterest, yo!)


  1. says

    We are having family photos taken in a few weeks and I’ve been debating what bottoms I should wear, knowing that white jeans would coordinate well with the top I have in mind and with what the rest of my family is wearing. But, I’ve been really nervous that they won’t photograph well or won’t be flattering. I think this post may push me over to the go for it side!

  2. says

    I seriously cannot get enough of white jeans this spring. (Okay, maybe this year because I have been wearing them year round.) They add such a crisp look to an outfit. Love all of your outfit options and inspiration pics, including some of my personal favorites like the coral blouse on With Love From Kat.
    On the Daily Express

  3. says

    I love white pant’s!!! Have you check out polka dot white pant’s they make your legs more skinnier because of the print!! Love this post anyway’s, some white jean’s look funky on me, but on these people they look amazing! :)

  4. says

    I was always afraid to where white jeans but finally got my first pair last fall. It’s been so cold so I’ve only worn them with sweaters so far. Love all of the styling options you posted today!


  5. Beth says

    Is the 40% off at LOFT in stores as well? Haven’t bought any of their pants before so I want to try them on before I guess my size!

  6. says

    Love this post! I’m already wearing my white jeans today (Talbots & love them!!!). I’ve enjoyed wearing them this spring with light grey and a pop of bright pink. Today I’m wearing them with a navy tank and a light purple striped blouse that has some accenting navy dots. Wearing the blouse open and breezy. And finishing it all off with navy flats. I do love white jeans with pastels, so soft.

  7. Megan says

    TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are a great option for white jeans too. I found some designer white jeans there last spring. Can’t wait to break them out!

  8. says

    I have white jeans from Jones New York that I like. They run big, I think. The best price I was able to find was ordering from Bon-ton (which we don’t even have here in TN!) with coupon codes.

    They are more of a bootcut, which I don’t love, but they are nice and thick and the only option I’ve ever really liked for my size.


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