What to Wear: GNO

I’ve been trying to conjure up ways to make my Daily Mom Style posts more interesting and helpful. People have said that I make it look easy, but honestly if y’all could crawl inside my head . . . fashion may be easy for some people, but certainly not me! In fact, I started blogging about fashion not because I felt like an authority, but because I figured I’d share what I was learning along the way and get some advice as I went along.

So I thought it would be fun to show the evolution of an outfit and how it comes together. I might do this once a week or . . . whenever I get the urge to obsess over a new outfit! Once I create an outfit I like, I’m good to go. I’ll wear it again and again; you may have noticed, I don’t mix and match that much. But sometimes getting there takes some effort. For example, this GNO (girls’ night out) look that I wore to go out to dinner with some girlfriends last night.

GNO Outfit

I picked up the top at the CAbi Outlet last week on a whim. I’m a sucker for a black top, and I don’t have anything like this. When I got around to getting dressed to go out to dinner last night, I knew I was going to wear this top. My big debate was whether to wear it with white jeans or dark jeans.

fashion conundrum

I was originally planning to wear it with white jeans, but when I put them on I felt like the proportion was off due to the top being so long. Soooo . . . I went back and put it on with dark jeans, and I switched from the black t-strap wedge sandals to leopard pumps. I really wanted to wear the leopard pumps, but something about that outfit seemed off so I decided to put it out to my Facebook Page and see what advice I got.

Usually when I do this, I get a lot of conflicting advice and end up more confused than when I started, but this time the consensus was about 99% in favor of the white jeans.

I went back and put on the white jeans, but I still wasn’t 100% in love with the outfit. That is when I spotted these yellow wedge platforms sitting in my closet.

yellow wedges

I bought them last year and I’ve only worn them once on account of the fact that they’re so ridiculously high. I can only wear them when I don’t have to do a lot of walking. On a whim I threw them on (I’m glad my chiropractor doesn’t read this blog; he’d have my head!!) and I knew I’d figured out the missing piece to the outfit. For one thing, they seemed to solve the proportion issue, since they didn’t create such a stark contrast against the white jeans. Plus, they are more summery and playful, which worked with the ruffly top. So here’s the final look.

what to wear: GNO

For accessories, I wore my Leaf Chandelier Earrings from Blue Nile and I double-wrapped this delicate necklace from Stella & Dot.


I had the pink bracelet on because I was going to carry my pink clutch, but I didn’t have time to switch bags so I ended up carrying my black and white striped tote. Pink and yellow are nice together though, so I guess it worked. I also was going to wear my blue jean jacket but it was so warm outside that I ditched it and just went as is.

I was probably overdressed for our dinner party, but I didn’t care. Sometimes you gotta go all out just because you can.

So now that I’ve let you in on my crazy, tell me if I should do more of these posts or not!


  1. says

    Love getting inside your head. Isn’t it fun to be able to crowdsource and get feedback, though? I think I should seriously start taking pictures of an outfit before leaving the house. It is so different to really SEE it, you know? Also? Your final result was perfection! Great outfit.

    • says

      It’s incredibly enlightening to see yourself in pictures. I am kind of addicted to it now! When I’m not sure about an outfit, I take a picture, then upload it and look at it – that’s how this post got started, lol.

  2. Tiffany D says

    Love the post and it makes me feel better about trying on 10 different outfit combos before a night out! Also, I must buy that top!!

  3. kim says

    Yes Please! I dont dress up Very often but i Have Been inspired by you to do posts like this When i do. Thank you!

  4. says

    Yes, please keep doing these types of posts! seeing your thought process as you choose pieces helps me when I’m trying (and I have to try hard!) to pull an outfit together. Now I’m going to go pull my white jeans out of a bin in the basement because I haven’t gotten my warm weather clothes out yet, lol…

  5. says

    I did it. I bought 2 pair of platform shoes last night . . . in my two favorite colors (teal and coral).

    I totally thought that they would be too “young” for a 50-something. But, since I am updating my whole style due to my 65 pound weight loss . . . my 27 year old daughter told me she thought I should buy this “new” style. (Of course, it’s not really a new style, as I had a pair back in 7th grade, in the early ’70s.) :) I was shocked that this very fashionable daughter would suggest them to me, so I thought, “Why not?”

    I’m 5’6 and hubby is 6’2, so it’s going to be fun being a bit taller, too.

    :) :) :)

  6. Linda says

    I look forward to Wednesday’s posts. I am 57yrs.old and I’m never sure if I’m dressed too old or too young. You give me ideas.

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