What I Learned This Week Edition 1

This week I learned:

1. Snow days are for teachers and schoolchildren — parents, notsomuch.

2. On said snow days, play-doh and craft beads are a mom’s best friend.  Just be prepared with a broom and dustpan.

3. When my 3-year-old acts out, often she just needs some of mommy’s undivided attention.  (And perhaps a little bit of consistency.)

4. The Boss can put on a pretty good halftime show, but he’s a lot better in a 2-hour concert. I should know, I’ve seen 5 of them.

5. There’s nothing like an impending blogging conference to make you dreadfully aware of the sad state of your pajama affairs. And to give you that extra dose of willpower to lose those last few holiday pounds.

6. When you buy clothes in the teeny-bopper store, chances are you’ll wind up looking like a wannabe teeny-bopper. But you may not care when your new comfy sweats only cost $12.

Now I want to know what YOU learned this week. Here are the carnival rules.

1. Any time this week, publish your What I Learned This Week post on your blog.  (It can be one sentence.  It can be several paragraphs.  It can be a list.  It can be serious.  It can be silly.  It can be thoughtful and profound.  It can be sarcastic.  It can be sentimental.  It can be ANYTHING that you learned as long as it is of a family friendly nature.)

2. Within that post, please mention the What I Learned This Week carnival and link to this post.

3. Feel free to display my button, but that’s not a requirement.

4. Then link up with the Mr. Linky form down below.  (Please only link if you have written a What I Learned This Week post.  And please link directly to the carnival post, not the main page of your blog.  And finally, please do not put a Mr. Linky on your post.  THANKS!)

5. Then visit the other participants and see what they learned this week.  And comment, comment, comment!  Because we ALL love comments.

Ready, Set, GO!

* * *

I’m giving away one He’s Just Not That Into You soundtrack and hoodie over at my review blog. And yesterday I wrote a review of the new Green Works Natural Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes by Clorox. Have you tried them yet?


  1. says

    I’ve learned some of those as well my friend. LOL. Minus the blogging conference. I guess I’m not “there” yet! Ha! Ha! Oh and snow days! Nope Hurricane days here. And I’ve never been to a Springsteen concert. Huh, I guess I haven’t learned any of those things LOL.
    Hugs to you.

  2. says

    Love shopping at the teeny bop departments, love even more fitting into childrens shoes they make some killer fun shoes for kids!

    I linked up, forgot the add the button this week, but ther is a link!!

    Have a happy tuesday

  3. says

    Depending on how my run goes at the gym I’ll be posting my contribution later this morning. If things are not as successful as I want them to be then I will have to think a little harder.

  4. says

    Fun list. You’re a good mom to break out the playdoh. I dislike that stuff. My poor 3 y.o never gets to play with it. Like the Boss but has he had botox? I was amazed at how smooth his forehead was.

  5. Emily says

    Oooooh I love your sweats! I need some new ones – ones that accommodate the expanding belly. I have to admit slight jealousy about Blissdom – I’m itching for a blogging conference!


    I joined in and hope I did it right. I wanted to do it last week but power lacked so this is my first week.
    Thanks for doing the carnival.

  7. says

    I am up! Late, but it’s up!!

    I used to buy my sweats at The Children’s Place…so comfy! Now that was pre-kids and pre a ton of pounds but still. Very comfy!

    I want a stinkin snow day…I would love just one day Boo and I could be lazy with no where to go…someday.

  8. says

    Oh, but those pants are totally cute. AND just $12.99! I think they’re totally age-appropriate.

    Now, I want a pair. They look perfect for the postpartum period…

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