What I Learned This Week: Disney Edition

Since I’m at Disney World this week, it only seemed appropriate to do a Disney themed What I Learned This Week post.  Here we go!

1)  For the Happiest Place on Earth, there sure are a lot of miserable children walking around.  Unfortunately some of them are mine.

2)  It takes a while for the kids to settle in.  Be patient.

3)  You’re never too old to pose with Daisy Duck.


4)  If you’re gonna stay on property, stay on the monorail for ease of transportation and dining.

5)  Don’t over plan the vacation.  Leave some down time for the swimming pool.  And of course naps.

6)  The food leaves a lot to be desired.  Try to pick up fresh fruit whenever you can, and splurge on one nice meal each day.

7)  Plan a few character meals.  It avoids standing in long lines to meet characters in the park.


8)  Manage expectations by setting some ground rules.  You can try this with the kids too. 😉

9)  Bring along reinforcements.  Grandparents make great babysitters when the kids are fried but you want to enjoy the night life.

10)  Face painting is always a hit.


Until you turn 10 and you’re too cool for school.


What did YOU learn this week?


  1. says

    Great list….and I agree with it all! So sorry we couldn’t get together. I wish I had gotten your cell so I didn’t have to rely on Twitter to get messages to you. Oh, well. I have faith that we will meet some day IRL! I hope you have a great rest of the trip!

  2. says

    2 things to add to your Disney list –
    1) when in doubt, buy ice cream!

    2) we only booked character breakfasts b/c it’s too hard to plan your day around lunch AND most everyone is actually hungry for breakfast (and can find something they actually eat) – see #1 (we gave the kids ice cream to stave off a meltdown so the kids weren’t interested in lukewarm corn and chicken nuggets at the lunch buffet)

  3. Karen says

    Do you mind if I ask where you stayed? I booked our trip for spring and booked Port Orleans, but now I’m wondering if I should upgrade to one of the hotels on the monorail line.

  4. says

    Boo looked at these with me, and is now begging. Thanks so much. lol

    I hope you guys have the best time ever, that it is everything you want and more.

  5. says

    I second the character meal tip. When I took B to Disneyland when he was 5 our character breakfast at The Grand Californian hotel was one of our best memories.

    That is so funny that your 10 year old is too old to have his face painted. B thinks he is too old for stuff all the time.

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