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what-i-learned-this-week1I was going to skip What I Learned This Week since I had two other posts going up today, but because there are actually people out there who (gasp!) prepare their posts in advance and emailed me wanting to know where the carnival was, I have decided to throw something up here so you guys can link in.

And I actually did learn something this week that I wanted to blog about.  I learned that I love Starbucks more than ever. I always like to point out and commend extraordinary customer service since it isn’t always easy to find these days.

Yesterday my 3-year-old and I were at the mall, and is our custom, we stopped for our favorite Starbucks treats (chocolate milk for her and a mocha latte for moi).  It was a nice day, so she asked to sit outside.  Little did I know how fortunate that request would turn out to be.

We were sitting, drinking and chatting, when suddenly she needed to go to the potty.  I had been just mentally chastising myself for ordering the grande size (translation: medium, for the Starbucks-illiterate) rather than the tall (translation: small) when my daughter pushed against the table in an attempt to push her chair back and escape, but instead of pushing her chair back, she tipped the table forward, and before I knew what had happened, the remains of my mocha latte went tumbling to the ground.  The lid popped off and the contents went all over the sidewalk, and by some sort of divine intervention, NOT on me or my shopping bags or my gorgeous new fall handbag.

Now, see, if I’d ordered the tall mocha like I should have, my cup would have likely been empty by then, thus avoiding the catastrophe.  Or, I suppose, you could also look at the situation and deduce that providence prevented me from drinking the rest of my grande mocha.  And speaking of providence, how glad was I right then that we had decided to take our drinks outside?

Even so, I decided the polite thing to do was to inform the Starbucks staff inside of the mess we had left on the sidewalk.  Perhaps they’d want to hose it off.  Besides, we still needed the bathroom facilities.

So I gathered my things and walked my daughter inside to take care of her bidness, and on our way out, I informed the guy at the counter of our little debacle outside.  He assured me that it was no problem, and here’s the clincher.  He offered to make me another drink.

I declined, of course, as I’d already had plenty.  But I just want to say, GO STARBUCKS!  I love to patronize a retail establishment that goes above and beyond the call of duty to make its customers happy.

So what did YOU learn this week?


  1. says

    Just one more reason to ♥ Starbucks!

    Thanks for getting this up Jo-Lynne, the ONE time I had a post ready in advance …I wrote mine yesterday, and scheduled to post at 6am this morning – go Cheryl!LOL


  2. says

    How nice of him! It is nice to see great customer service and kudos to you for recognizing it. All to often you hear about bad experiences and rarely about good ones! Have a great week.

    Thanks for hosting the carnival this week after all…just linked up!

  3. says

    I laughed so hard when I came over to read your post and link up because I almost didn’t post today either in fact my title says it all…but I love this weekly thingy and I am glad you posted and I am glad I did too!

  4. says

    Starbucks does certainly have awesome customer service. A friend of mine was recently running late in the morning and called her order in as she left the house, explained to them that she was on her way to a really important meeting, and they prepared her drink and had it ready for her when she got there!!

  5. april says

    They did the same thing for me last week. I had my yummy iced passion tea perched on the inside of the van as I was putting 3 year old in booster…of course, it fell and splattered all over the parking lot. I brought it inside, and they cheerfully made me a new one! Hurray for Sbux!

  6. says

    That IS awesome customer service! That happened to us at Disneyland once. My then 5 year old daughter dropped her $5 ice cream on the sidewalk aproximately 3.5 seconds after she got it. The LOVELY man who sold it to us saw the crying that ensued from across the pavilion, walked over and handed her a new one! He said it is the “Disney Way” :)

  7. says

    That is such wonderful customer service- I love to hear stories like that. All too often, it is always complaints about customer service (raising hand for doing that one) so I love to hear great stories like that.

    I would have totally taken the new drink- you can never have too much coffee!!

  8. says

    UGH like we need more reasons to love starbucks. customer service is a dying art.

    i love them because they will give me TWO cups and split a hot chocolate between my two kids, then load them up on whipped cream! unlike some places where they do things like hide the napkins and fill your drink only 2/3 full!

  9. says

    I have 4 Starbucks within a 5 mile radius of me. Yeah, I know, perfect placement on their part! LOL! Some of the people are nicer in some then others. I will go to certain ones just for that reason!
    Oh and I love me a Mocha Latte! YUM!

  10. says

    Well isn’t that swell of Starbucks? I knew I liked them!

    By the way, I heard you were going to be a panelist at 2009 Bloggers Brunch in NYC…congrats!


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