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The holidays are the time of year when many people focus on giving — not just to their friends and family, but to those in need as well. But if you’re anything like me, you want to give but you’re not always exactly sure where and how to give most effectively. And frankly, holiday time is busy enough without running around collecting and delivering donations. It’s all too easy to let giving go by the wayside as we busy ourselves cooking and decorating and preparing for the holidays. Or is that just me?

I have participated in various efforts to provide gifts for kids in need and those types of drives, and those are great. But what about the people who don’t even have FOOD for their holiday tables? Or maybe even a warm home to go to? How can we get food to them? It is so easy to take for granted my refrigerator stocked full of nourishing foods, but I know not everyone can boast of that luxury.

This is why I’m partnering with YouGiveGoods as a blogger ambassador this holiday season in order to get food to those who need it most.

YouGiveGoods is an organization that is seeing to the needs of those who don’t know where their next meal is coming from, and beyond that, they are making it easy to give.

This is how it works. You set up an account at YouGiveGoods. And you select a food pantry or soup kitchen (or animal shelter) to support. Then you register a drive on the YouGiveGoods website, which enables you and your friends and colleagues to donate specific products to the food pantry or soup kitchen of your choice — and it’s all online. SO EASY.

What makes this organization unique is that you are donating goods, not money, so you know EXACTLY how your money is being spent.

When the drive concludes, YouGiveGoods delivers the products that were donated directly to the food kitchen, and everyone who contributes receives a tax deductible receipt via email. How easy is that!?

Anyone can set up a drive. This is a great way for a place of business or a school classroom or a local church or community group to organize and track their charitable contributions.

I have set up a YouGiveGoods drive to serve The Pottstown Cluster — an interfaith food bank and soup kitchen serving the needs of the needy in our area.

I would LOVE to be able to raise $3,000 worth of food and supplies for the Pottstown Cluster via my YouGiveGoods drive by December 20, so the goods can be delivered to the Cluster in time for the holidays.

YOU can help by spreading the word, and if you are able, please consider making a donation. All you have to do is go to my YouGiveGoods drive page and choose the specific products you want to purchase, or you can even select a price point and purchase a pre-packaged box. You can rest assured that every single item donated will go straight to the people who need it the most.



  1. Kim - your neighbor says

    I love love LOVE this! I just went and gave my contribution. Our church is also doing a drive for the Pottstown Cluster during our Christmas Musical on 12/10 and 12/11.
    Have a great Thanksgiving with the family at your Moms!

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