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One idea I brought back from Blissdom was to make a list each month of my top 10 referrers and my top 10 posts.  I love it.  What a clever way to “give back” to my community.  So without further ado, here are my top 10 referrers from January.  I appreciate each and every one of you!

1. Big Mama
2. Bye Bye Pie
3. Kitchen Stewardship
4. Garden Queen
5. Beauty and Bedlam
6. Mom Advice
7. Cheeseslave
8. These Are A Few of My Favorite Things
9. Classy and Fabulous
10. Wardrobe 911

As for ten most popular posts, this was a fascinating exercise.  Evidently people really like the more informative posts.  Go figure.

1. Fashion Friday: Cute Tops
2. Tried and True: Chicken Enchiladas
3. How To Design A Blog Button
4. How to Design and Upload A Blog Header
5. How To Create A Button Code
6. Homemade Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread
7. Fashion Friday: What to Wear to Blissdom
8. Mojitos
9. 2009 Recap
10. Michael Pollan on Oprah


  1. says

    That’s a great idea! I thought you were going to list your top search words… Those always crack me up. And sometimes they scare me… like when someone found my blog with the search phrase, “is there a magnet in my head?”. I actually HAD written a post on that topic!

  2. says

    So i decided to play along… the post will go up tomorrow. (Think I should work? Nah….)

    Anywho, you were my top referrer… and a post from 2007, three years ago, was in my top 3 read posts….

    fun exercise and a great way to link back to people…

    • Jo-Lynne says

      Take it away! I “borrowed” it from Mom Advice, and she suggested it to us in her session at Blissdom, so I assume it’s up for grabs! :-)

  3. says

    Ha! I am thrilled that you are doing it! I have been doing it for a long time now and I just love giving back traffic to my community. Ironically, psyched to have made the list :) Love you, girl!

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