Tips for Going Gluten Free

This week I got to share my gluten-free story, along with my tips for getting started off on the right foot, over on A Bullseye View — the blog that gives a behind-the-scenes look at Target’s most exciting partnerships, events and innovations.

tips for going gluten free

Going gluten-free, like any new lifestyle, has its fair share of challenges. When I decided to go gluten-free, I did it suddenly, but I had been debating about it for quite some time. I have suffered from tummy troubles all my life, and even though I tested negative for Celiac disease, I was advised by many doctors and well-meaning friends to try cutting gluten to see if it helped.

People often ask, “How soon did you notice a difference?” Without hesitation, I always tell them that it was within 24 hours. It’s the truth – I felt lighter, my gut felt happier and odd symptoms that I had never associated with gluten (like brain fog and dizziness) disappeared.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it was easy. I remember being so hungry during the first few days because I had nothing in the house I could eat. I realize now that I could have made it a lot easier on myself had I been better prepared. If I could do it over again, I would do some research and planning in order to set myself up for success. If you’re thinking about taking the leap and going gluten-free, here are my 5 best tips for starting off on the right foot.

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  1. Susanne says

    thanks for these suggestions. i have to go wheat free dairy free starting september 1 and i’m kind of freaking out! is there any way you could do a post that lists things you eat for each meal? i know i will need to plan it out, or at the first sign of hunger i will be ripping open the graham crackers and wheat thins! i guess specifically i would like to know what you eat for lunch, snacks to take with you places and some ideas of what to do when i’m out and need something to eat. i am just so overwhelmed! i found your blog from wiww-the pleated poppy, but have really come to enjoy it also because of the health/recipe tips!

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