To Tell or Not To Tell

to tell or not to tell

Perusing the interwebs, I came across this Babble post entitled Should We Be More Open About Beauty Treatments Like Botox?

Which got me thinking about the time a few summers ago when I was hanging out with friends in the neighborhood the day after getting a facial. One of my friends said to me out of the blue, “WHAT are you doing to your skin? Did you get new makeup? It looks AMAZING!”

To this day I don’t know why I did this; I’m not in the habit of lying to my friends. All I can tell you is that it was a gut reaction, and but before I had a chance to think, I looked at her quizzically and shrugged. “Nope. I dunno,” I replied.

As soon as it was out, I thought to myself, Why did I just do that? But it was too soon to take it back and come clean so I just played along.

WHY did I not just tell her I’d had a facial the day before?

It’s a funny thing, vanity. We all want the wisdom that comes with age but no one wants the physical deterioration that goes along with it. Lines and wrinkles and gray hairs used to be revered. Nowadays we do everything we can to get rid of them or disguise them.

Of course we have many more options for keeping our youthful appearance in tact than our ancestors did, from cosmetic treatments to full-on surgery. Which begs the question . . . do we tell or not????

Like the author of the Babble article, I have no problem announcing to anyone I meet that I color my hair or that I scored a great pair of designer jeans on clearance at TJ Maxx. I’ve even been known to hike up my shirt and show a friend my secret weapon against the dreaded muffin top – my Kymaro Cami.

But when it comes to beauty treatments, I tend to hold my cards tightly to my chest. If I were to get botox or a chemical peel, I’m not sure I’d make a big deal of it to my friends.

I get that there are certain things that are taboo to discuss in polite conversation – money, politics and religion, of course. And my mama always said that a lady never discloses her weight.

It makes sense that there should be some mystery.

But is there a time when it’s appropriate to come clean about your beauty procedures? Maybe not over cocktails at your next office party, but certainly when you’re hanging out with a few good friends . . . don’t they deserve to know the truth?

Or is it better off to keep some secrets?

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  1. Shari says

    I’m honestly not sure. For now, I’m using Philosophy’s Miracle Worker line & preaching it from the rooftops, I’m that in love with it! 😀 But if I went further into peels, injections & such, just really not sure. Good question!

  2. Gina says

    I guess it would all depend upon the friend…? Some “friends” are not true friends, and they just want to spread gossip. If she/he were a “true friend”, then I would not have a problem disclosing the secret. I am one of those women that wants to have botox and other things done, but it just isn’t in our budget. If it ever is, I’ll be in line. :) I would probably be less likely to disclose it to certain family members, especially on my husband’s side. It seems that they are always judging what I spend our money on, so I’d keep it from them.

  3. says

    hmmm I think it depends on who I am talking to. Not because I want to hide it just there are some friends who know everything and some friends who know a little of those types of things. I think if asked I wouldn’t lie but I don’t think I’d spill my guts either. :)

  4. Daniela says

    I would not announce to anyone who wasn’t a close friend but I would tell if anyone asked me. As I get older, (mid 40’s) I really don’t care what others think. I believe it is one of the perks that comes with age. : )

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