Share the Season: Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decor

As soon as Halloween is over, I’m ready to start thinking about Thanksgiving.

I love Thanksgiving because there’s none of the stress of buying presents and coming up with clever crafts and activities to amuse the kids (Elf on the Shelf, I’m looking at YOU!)

Thanksgiving is all about the food and the gorgeous harvest-themed decor.

Share the Season: Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decor

I’m a pretty good cook but admittedly challenged when it comes to decorating. It’s frustrating to me because I appreciate tasteful decorations and a well-appointed home, but achieving it seems to elude me. Often I end up doing nothing because I’m too afraid to fail.

This year I decided to gather some easy, do-it-yourself ideas for making a beautiful Thanksgiving table. Surely with the proper instructions, I can achieve something lovely! I’m determined to try. I put the word out to some of my talented friends, and here is what I came up with — 5 gorgeous DIY Thanksgiving decorating ideas to inspire me (and hopefully you too!) Which one is your favorite??

5 Gorgeous DIY Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

1. Check out this Cornucopia of Creativity Thanksgiving Table by Sara at Mom Endeavors. I love how she gives you step-by-step instructions to make this happen. I think I can do this!

Cornucopia of Creativity Thanksgiving Table by Sara at Mom Endeavors

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