Trend Watch: The Perfect Trench


I’ve had quite a few comments about my teal trench coat that I showed last week, and I thought it worthy of its own post!

A trench truly is the perfect spring coat. It’s a classic that never seems to go out of style. I have had this trench (from LOFT) for 10 years. Seriously!


What to Look for in a Trench Coat

1. To belt or not to belt: I prefer a coat that is not belted. That’s just my personal preference, but it’s hard to find in a trench, and perhaps why I’ve kept mine for 10 years!

2. Make sure the trench has some structure at the waist so it’s flattering and feminine.

3. Consider a hood. Mine does not have a hood and I often wish it did. I hate umbrellas, and the reason I don’t wear this trench coat more is that I often opt for my more casual raincoat with a hood so I don’t have to futz with an umbrella.

4. I highly recommend getting a color, rather than a neutral. It’s just so much more fun. But then again, a neutral goes with everything, and that’s always a bonus. If you do go for a neutral, find one with some interesting detail.

Trench Coat Roundup

Of course, since I’ve had my trench for 10 years, I can’t exactly tell you where to go buy it. But I’ve rounded up an assortment of colorful trench coats for your perusal.

You can scroll through these to see each one with prices. Click on any image to purchase or see it on the website. Many of these are on sale right now, and some of them are priced lower than what they’re listing in this widget, so if you see one you like, be sure to check it out! This is not a sponsored post, however, some links are compensated affiliate links.


And don’t miss THIS: 40% off Entire Purchase at LOFT. Another opportunity to get those boyfriend jeans at a deep discount. Or this red trench.


  1. says

    That is a great teal trench! I love coats that are a pop of color! They never go out of style. I have had my pink & brown patterned trench for about 10 years too!

  2. says

    I personally like trench coats with no frills and, like you, prefer the no-belt kind. I like the fact that your teal coat is simple, classic and timeless. I have this trench coat that I bought several years ago and I’m still wearing it because it has a simple classic silhouette.

  3. says

    We had an unusually cool spring so my trench coats have gotten a lot of use this year! I love my coral one, it goes with just about anything. Your blue one is probably the same and it will stay in style forever. Gorgeous picks!

  4. says

    Great trench coat options here! I have a black and tan one but you are making me think about adding a fun colored option. It’s funny how personal preferences vary. I have found that I much prefer to carry an umbrella and don’t like having a hood. It feels bunch on my back when I’m driving in the car and it messes up my hair when I put it on. Although I should give up on worrying about my hair when it rains anyway. It’s a lost cause!
    On the Daily Express

  5. says

    Happy Friday! Great post. I think that trench coats add a lot to an outfit, especially if they have a color or print to it.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  6. Kelly says

    Love your trench! I have a black and white one, but it has a belt. Would love to find one like yours with no belt. Not a fan of the red one here at loft because of the lack of structure. Thanks for posting all these! I will keep looking!

  7. says

    I had a great turquoise trench years ago, which unfortunately met its match when one of my kids got a bloody nose. I have yet to replace it! I’ve been out shopping and haven’t had any luck finding a great color trench–just lots of beige and black.

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