Because You Can’t Underestimate the Value of Confidence

laguna beach run

I’ve never been an athlete. Growing up, I never played team sports. I would always choose to read rather than to play outside, and I was always the last kid to be chosen to be on a team in gym class. As I got older, I tried various forms of exercise. I did aerobics with Jane Fonda in the basement, I tried running, I worked out with weights, and for a brief stint I was addicted to the 30-Day Shred. I even took water aerobics for a college gym credit, but nothing ever stuck for longer than a few weeks or months.

I just thought that was part of who I was.

Then a few years ago, I fell in love with running. Most of you know the story. I started walking after I pulled a muscle doing the aforementioned Shred (thank you, Jillian Michaels) and I got bored so I started running. I did the run/walk thing for a few months, adding on a few more yards each time, until I was running a few miles several times a week. After I ran my first 5K on Thanksgiving Day in 2011, I was hooked read more ››

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