Introducing the Enhancing Shape Bra by Soma #FashionFriday

Ladies, listen up. This is a highly important topic.

Your bra is making you look older than you are.

Finding the right bra is a challenge. It takes time, effort and perseverance. And the one that was the right bra for you five years ago may not be the right bra for you today.

That’s because as we age, our breast tissue loses some of its volume, especially at the top, creating what is not-so-affectionately called the “ski slope effect.” One day we wake up and suddenly notice that we are no longer as full-figured as we once were. It’s a normal part of aging, especially for those of us who nursed our young’uns.

There are surgical procedures, of course, that can help restore our bodies to their former glory, but not every woman wants such an invasive solution. Now there is finally a bra that tackles this issue. No surgery necessary.

It’s called the Enhancing Shape Bra, and you can only get it at Soma stores.

No, there isn’t one bra that’s right for everyone, but this one might come close. This bra is the ultimate age defying t-shirt bra that eliminates gaps with top-shaping pad technology. Skeptical? So was I.

I’m pretty picky about my bras, and I have one particular style that I love. I own it in about 5 colors and 2 different sizes (for weight fluctuation purposes) and I’m perfectly happy with it. Nevertheless, I was curious about the Enhancing Shape Bra so I agreed to visit my local Soma store for a professional bra fitting and to try this wondrous new technology read more ››

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