When Calls The Heart, Season 2: Episode 4


Oh, the tangled webs we weave. Poor Elizabeth is conflicted. She was just settling back into life in Hope Valley, and her old friend Charles has to show up and turn her neat little world upside down again.

Yes, I’m talking about When Calls The Heart. I just caught up on Episode 4, and I suppose I should have known it was all going too well for Jack and Elizabeth after their tender moment last week.

Jack is not amused by Charles’ visit, and I can’t say that I blame him. We all know that Elizabeth will end up choosing Jack in the end, but for now she’s decided to keep him at arm’s length. It’s tough to watch. I’m dying to see them figure it out and live happily ever after. In the books, it was actually their marriage that I found more fun to read about than their courtship, but of course they’re drawing out the agony for TV. read more >>

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