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This time of year everyone seems eager to find ways to give back, and particularly right now in our area in light of the recent devastation of Hurricane Sandy, many of my friends and fellow bloggers are organizing fundraisers and donation centers to help those who have lost homes and belongings. Going into the holidays, I expect to see more and more of these opportunities.

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to best organize a project like that, but a new site called Fundraise makes it really simple!

Fundraise is a Boston startup launched in 2011 by 19-year-old Nate Drouin.

NINETEEN, y’all. I love that.

Nate opted out of college, sought out investors and created his own start-up company that is receiving rave reviews. Just google it and you will see tons of articles about this venture and how innovative it is.

Fundraise is a social fundraiser platform that allows you to create and manage a fundraiser event quickly and easily.

Nate wanted to make sure Fundraise was truly free, so there are no hidden fees and the pricing is totally transparent. Fundraise keeps only 7.5 cents on every dollar raised in order to keep the platform running.

They also created an iPhone app for Fundraise so you can collect donations from your phone — it is supposedly the only app of its kind. It also integrates neatly with Facebook.

If you want to see how easy it is to set up a fundraiser with Fundraise, you can take their website tour. It looks really simple.

Some examples of Fundraise initiatives are Party With A Purpose to benefit the Cromwell Center for Disabilities Awareness and Baby Jade to support the Baby Jade Foundation that makes a difference in the lives of families in the NICU. There are many more, of course. You can view them on the website.

I haven’t used Fundraise yet, but I love knowing that there is an easy way to organize a fundraiser should the opportunity arise.

This post was sponsored by Fundraise, which I think is a super cool platform for fundraising initiatives. I hope to get a chance to use it sometime soon!


  1. Beth Valantine says

    I love the fundraise site but how do they send you the money you raise? Through the organization or personally? i set up a site and can’t figure it out as they didn’t ask me for any info.

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