noonday: style your friends, change the world

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of hurting people there are in the world? Do you ever feel like you want to do something but don’t know where to begin?

I don’t know about you, but I find it all too easy to stick my head in the sand and keep going about my business, knowing that people all around the world are suffering in unimaginable ways, but feeling like there is nothing I can do about it. That’s why I love hearing stories of brave women and men who step out of their comfort zones and do something to truly make a difference.

In 2010 on a trip to Uganda, Jessica Honegger saw hurting people and decided that she could, indeed, do something about it. She ended up creating Noonday, a social selling company that provides jobs and creates a pathway out of poverty for families in developing countries.

noonday collection

These gorgeous accessories — jewelry, scarves and housewares — are created by artisans around the world that receive a living wage for their work. The products are sold at trunk shows through Noonday ambassadors.

Brandi, an ambassador for Noonday, offered to send me an ancient ways necklace to see first-hand a sample of their jewelry. I love the simple packaging and the attached card that tells their story.

The ancient ways necklace is made in Ethiopia from up-cycled artillery shells from former war conflicts. The shells are turned into beads, and women on Enoto Mountain use them to create this artisan jewelry. Enoto Mountain is a refuge for people suffering from HIV/AIDS, and creating jewelry for Noonday gives these people employment so they can support their families. What an amazing mission!

By purchasing products from Noonday, we are helping hurting people around the world earn a living wage and giving them hope in a hopeless situation. It seems rather flippant to get excited that buying jewelry can support people living in such dire conditions, but that truly is the case.

Brandi put it this way:

This is NOT A HAND OUT, but DIGNIFIED JOB CREATION. When YOU SHOP, SHARE, AND ADVOCATE, you join in OUR STORY OF TRANSFORMATION, one purchase at a time. How utterly awesome is that? To be A PART OF THE SOLUTION? I can’t guarantee that it will change your life, but it will definitely help change the lives of the artisans we represent.

Last weekend, I enjoyed my morning cup of coffee while perusing their magazine. I love how they tell you which country every collection comes from and how it is made and where the materials are sourced, and then share the story of a woman whose life has been changed by working with Noonday.

They continue to expand and are now partnering with other brands, such as Matilda Jane, to bring even more products and new designs to the Noonday Collection and thus support more and more families in developing countries.

And right now going into holiday season, I can’t help but think how Noonday Collection is the perfect place to shop for unique gifts for everyone on my holiday gift list!

The ancient ways necklace is such a unique and versatile piece.

I wore it first on a black sweater to church on Sunday, and I’m sure I’ll find many other outfits to wear with it.


Brandi wants to give one Musings of a Housewife reader a $25 gift certificate towards the purchase of a piece from Noonday Collection.

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  1. Jennifer says

    Wow, so many choices of beautiful things. I would buy some earrings for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Noelle says

    I really like the mission behind this company! If I won the $25 I would probably buy a home decor gift for a friend!

  3. Catherine S. says

    I love the Circles Forever brass bracelet…so many pretty things on the site. Thanks for sharing!

  4. mary b says

    Wow, so many interesting and unique items to choose from I’ll have to list my top 3 faves.
    I like the winking Ikat scarf, the beaded statement bracelet, and the coin necklace.

  5. Jenni says

    So many beautiful pieces – it’ll be hard to decide….but I really love the Organics Rope Necklace, the Urban Knot necklace, and the Tangled beads bracelet!

  6. Jenni says

    I just pinned several of the pretties from NoondayStyle. Thanks for introducing me to the company.