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I’m always looking to change up my running music to keep me interested and motivated. Music is my #1 motivator when I’m running. If I don’t have someone to talk to, I am guaranteed to have my earbuds in.

After training and running a half marathon, I was getting tired of the same old tunes. The music industry can’t keep up with me when I’m running that many miles! So one day a few weeks ago, I turned on my Christian playlist for a change and set out for a jog. It was amazing! Not only was the music inspiring to run to, but the words were meaningful as well — unlike much of my regular running playlist, some of which I’m almost embarrassed to admit listening to. I’ve run to my Christian playlist a few times now and it’s so much fun. I actually get to worship as I run.

I don’t have a huge collection of Christian music, but lately I’ve been listening to The Message on XM Radio (I get a free trial with my new car!!) and I’ve found some new tunes to add to my Christian music playlist. And a few of the songs I enjoy running to hearken back to the 80s, when I listened to a lot of “contemporary” Christian music.

I thought I’d share my Christian Music Playlist in case some of you are interested, and I’d love to get more suggestions from you so I can add to my collection.

12 Contemporary Christian Tunes for Running

  1. You Are, Colton Dixon (American Idol fans, rejoice!)
  2. In Christ Alone, Newsboys
  3. How Great Is Our God, Chris Tomlin
  4. He Reigns, Newsboys
  5. Come Ye Sinners, Matthew Smith
  6. Was It A Morning Like This, Sandi Patty
  7. You Lifted Me Out, Chris Tomlin
  8. All I Owe, Matthew Smith
  9. Easter Song, Keith Green (this one is so 80s, but so great!)
  10. Jesus Friend of Sinners, Casting Crowns (I love it when they put modern music to old hymns.)
  11. Whom Shall I Fear, Chris Tomlin (this one, especially, has been ministering to me lately, with some of the medical issues we’ve been having)
  12. I Can Only Imagine, Mercy Me


  1. Cheryl says

    Haha, our worship team pulled out “Easter Song” for Easter this year. It was fun! :) We did the 2nd Chapter of Acts version…not sure how it compares to the Keith Green version.

  2. says

    Well… I love all of these:
    1. Lifesong – Casting Crowns
    2. How Great Is Our God – Chris Tomlin
    3. Manifesto – The City Harmonic (this one is different, but I love it!)
    4. STOMP – God’s Property & Kirk Franklin
    5. Forgiven & Loved – Jimmy Needham
    6. Today Is The Day – Lincoln Brewster
    7. My Deliverer – Mandisa
    8. Hello, My Name Is… – Matthew West
    9. Wayfaring Stranger – Selah (starts out slow, but it’ll put a pep in your step soon)
    10. There is Power In The Blood – Selah
    11. Glory To His Name – Selah
    12. Sing A Song – Third Day
    13. Revelation – Third Day
    14. Follow Me There – Third Day
    15. MADE TO LOVE – tobyMac
    16. Feelin’ So Fly – tobyMac
    17. Lose My Soul – tobyMac
    18. Give Me Your Eyes – Brandon Heath
    19. Fight Another Day – Brandon Heath (Very Fitting for a runner)
    20. Sweeter Medleys – Sandi Patty

  3. Donna Murray says

    Two more songs you should try – Overcomer and Good Morning by Mandissa. Good morning even mentions a half marathon. Both of them wake me up and get my feet moving!

  4. says

    I loved The Message on Sirius, but I just can’t justify continuing the subscription for one channel.

    That is a great playlist. I have something similar on my I-Pod that I listen to when I am feeling a little low. Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      I like that one and I also like a few others. There’s a classic rock station that I really enjoy. I feel like I do get some different tunes than just listening to the radio. But I don’t think we’re going to pay for the subscription. :-(

  5. says

    My favourite worship music is by Bethel Music and Jesus Culture. I recommend all of their stuff, but here are a few to get you started:
    Come to Me – Bethel Music featuring Jenn Johnson
    You Know Me – Bethel Music featuring Steffany Frizzell
    I Can Feel You – Bethel Music featuring Jenn Johnson
    Hope’s Anthem – William Matthews
    So Good To Me – William Matthews
    Furious – Jeremy Riddle
    One Thing Remains – Bethel Music
    I Will Exalt – Bethel Music featuring Amanda Faulk
    Dance – Jesus Culture
    Unstoppable Love – Kim Walker-Smith and Skyler Smith
    I Breathe You In God – Bryan and Katie Torwalt

    Kari Jobe is another favourite.
    Some of these are probably more suitable to running than others . . .

  6. Jerry says

    Just a note cause I’m an old person. The Easter Song might be so “80’s” but it was written in 1974 by Anne Herring of The 2nd Chapter of Acts and covered by Keith Green in 78. I love (as I said I’m old) 70’s Christian Music.

  7. Jill says

    Hi Jo Lynne,
    I am new runner and am looking for christian running music with the bpm to keep me in step. I know most of these songs and dont remember them having a particularly peppy beat to run to……. you apparently dont need a bpm to keep going! I am having such a hard time finding a playlist! Thanks for a great website.

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