Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Guide at Musings of a Housewife

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and many of us have mothers and daughters and other women in our lives we want to honor on this momentous Hallmark-inspired occasion.

I jest. Truly, I love Hallmark. They make the best cards – especially the Shoebox ones. I could sit and read those all day just for the fun of it.

Anyway. Mother’s Day may seem like a contrived event, but I’ve gotta tell ya. As a mom, I really enjoy having a day set aside to be appreciated. Call me self-centered if you want, but it’s not very often we moms get a day off.

We aren’t big on Mother’s Day presents in my house (not that I’d turn one down, but they really aren’t on my husband’s radar, and frankly, I’m just as happy with a day off) but I do like to get a little something for my own mom, and maybe you do too. Or if you are blessed with grandkids, perhaps you like to give a token of appreciation to you daughters or daughters-in-law. So I compiled a list of gift ideas, large and small, that might inspire you. And if you see something on here that you really like, feel free to forward this post along to your hubby.

I’m including links to some of my affiliate partners to help support running Musings of a Housewife, but I received no monetary compensation for this post.

Gift Guide: Mother’s Day 2013

The Genet Scarf

Back in December, The ONE campaign and fashionABLE teamed up with Alt SLC to design a scarf that was voted on by conference attendees and then handmade in Ethiopia for an exclusive ONE | fashionABLE Mother’s Day Scarf.


Each handmade scarf takes three days to make and is named The Genet after one of the amazing women who helped produce it. The Genet is available on the ONE website and at fashionABLE. You can read more about Genet’s story below, but I can’t imagine a more lovely and heartfelt Mother’s Day gift than this — a beautiful accessory that also helps women born into poverty have a respectable profession and a better life. I haven’t seen the scarf up front and personal, but it looks gorgeous and I love to support a good cause.

About Genet

“I don’t remember my birth mother, and I don’t know my birthday or actual age, so the timeline of my story is based on my best guess. I was brought from the countryside into the city of Addis at age 3 by an aunt who promised my family I would be sent to school and have a “better life.” Instead, I was groomed to be a housemaid and given so many responsibilities that the load of work become impossible and overwhelming. By age 12, I ran away and began living on the street. I felt lost and was continually raped. Eventually, I became pregnant. With a baby at 15, I learned to have sex for money so I could support her. I coped with life through drinking, drugs and smoking. I recently learned about this program and am enrolled in counseling to work through my addictions, my childhood trauma, and learn ways to reconnect with my now 6-year-old daughter. I am also working at fashionABLE and grateful to have a job that provides dignity.”

Open Hearts Butterfly Necklace

If you do have a honey who buys you baubles on Mother’s Day, check out this sweet Open Hearts Butterfly Necklace from KAY Jewelers’ Jane Seymour Open Hearts Family collection.

A charming butterfly features the iconic Open Hearts by Jane Seymour® design at its center and is adorned in round blue and white diamonds. The pendant sways from an 18-inch box chain that secures with a lobster clasp. The sterling silver necklace has a total diamond weight of 1/10 carat. Blue diamonds are treated to permanently create their intense blue color.

Out of everything in her collection, I was immediately drawn to this one.

Pure Natural Diva Botanicals Gift Giving Made Easy Trio

My friend Tania Reuben just launched a line of all natural botanical perfumes, and I’m really excited to share them with you. This Gift Giving Made Easy Trio takes the guess work out of gift giving. This way she can choose which one she likes best! Or she can wear them all (just not all at once… please.)

Sterling Silver Jewelry from Blue Nile

Leaf Chandelier Earrings

I’ve always thought of Blue Nile as a place for diamonds and wedding jewelry, but they also have fashion jewelry like these Leaf Chandelier Earrings.

Chic and distinct, these chandelier earrings feature seven delicate leaves that are intricately captured in sterling silver with a flexible design for movement.

They sent me a pair for myself and another to give away to one lucky reader, so be sure to stay tuned for a giveaway at the end of this post!


Clarisonic Aria

Clarisonic Aria infuses sonic cleansing with a harmonic blend of function and form. Sleek, modern, intuitive, Aria sings with 3 speeds, a real-time battery life indicator, USB-enabled pLink charger, and a drying stand that converts to a charging station when coupled with the pLink charger.

I recommend the Clarisonic in almost every gift guide because I think it’s such a perfect gift for “the woman who has everything”. I love mine, it’s the best tool I have for keeping my skin smooth and clear. And if you order before May 1, you get free shipping.

Jessica at The Mom Creative has a post with 20 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from DaySpring’s Redeemed Collection that are worth checking out.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

And if you liked to give homemade gifts, I love this Memory Jar gift idea from Heather at Diapered Knights.

memory jar

Like to keep it in the family? Here are 20 American Made Mother’s Day gift ideas from Made in USA Challenge.

american made gifts for mom

Find more Mother’s Day gift ideas on my Pinterest board — Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.


One lucky reader will win a pair of Leaf Chandelier Earrings from Blue Nile. To enter to win, simply leave a comment on this post sharing one of your favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas — either from this list or one of your own!

I will draw a winner next Friday, May 3rd. GOOD LUCK!

fine print: Winner must have a U.S. or Canadian mailing address. I will use the And The Winner Is plugin for WordPress to randomly select a winner on May 3, 2013. When the comments are closed on this post, you will know the giveaway is over. I will send a personal email, giving the winner three days to accept. If there is no reply, I will select another winner. See my Giveaway Policies for more details.


  1. Nikki says

    My mom loves personalized notepads/cards. We always give my husbands grandmother a plant of some sort.

  2. says

    I’d love to win! I bought my mom a book of short stories by daughters about things they learned from their mothers. I read an excerpt in a magazine, loved it, and thought it would make a perfect gift. It’ll be accompanied by a card made on shutterfly from pics of my mom from my recent wedding. I hope she likes it! (Happy to add pretty earrings to the gift) 😉

  3. Jen G. says

    I like the homemade gifts (like memory jar) paired with a gift card for a mani/pedi for my mom.

  4. Jessie says

    My mom always asks for flowers. She loves a nice hanging basket for her porch, or something similar. Easy to find this time of year, and it’s so fresh and springy!

  5. Guisela de Cuevas says

    Perfect choices! As usual you have a wonderful taste, that’s why we follow you :)
    I will add a good trendy watch, preferably metallic and big, like “boyfriend watch”

  6. sara says

    I would love a clarisonic but we don’t really do mother’s day gifts either. I usually get my mom perfume or flowers. She doesn’t really appreciate us going “off the radar” for her gifts and ends up returning them! Ha!

  7. mzzterry says

    We tend to give a hanging basket of something beautiful and green to my mom-in-law. I always loved the handmade gifts my girls gave me when they were young!

  8. says

    Those earrings are amazing! I love the homemade breakfast I usually get on Mother’s Day. We are like you, mostly the day off, nothing big in the way of gifts (unless I buy something to gift myself) and it is wonderful that way!

  9. Dawn says

    My favorite used to be quiet! Just quiet. The kids would kind of disappear theought the house and yard and give me the space I craved. It was heavenly!

    But, it’s funny, now that two of the three of them are away in college, my favorite gift is to have them home and and close (and as loud) as possible! :-)

  10. April says

    As a mom of 2 little girls’,I enjoy the homemade cards and “coupons” that they are so proud to give me. As a daughter,I enjoy giving my mom a shrub or something she can plant in her garden,as well as lunch at her favourite restaurant. Very low-key,but that is the way we all like it:)

  11. Kim in RI says

    I always love the handmade gifts my kids used to give me. The cards and pictures still hang in my office. I’m also a big foodie and love to read cookbooks, so any new cookbook is always fun to receive.

  12. Amy Mc. says

    I would love a new Clarisonic since I dropped my Mia and it broke :( Seriously though, an afternoon free to shop alone would be the best gift!

  13. Clare says

    How is it that fabulous green pearl pea pod necklace does not show up on your pinterest site? It’s the best! Ok, maybe the Clarisonic cleaner is…

    No, seriously, about that necklace, I would love one, and my quick google search didn’t bring up any as elegant as the one you’ve shown. I would love to get one with 4 peas for my 4 children. I was also wondering about a small stone or charm to acknowledge a miscarriage along with the necklace.

  14. Debbie says

    Those earrings are beautiful and would be a great addition to my accessorie wardrobe. I love the scarf the most and love how it is assisting Genet in her journey towards healing. I also love having my kids help me plant my spring flowers every Mother’s Day weekend. It’s a gift I get to enjoy all summer.

  15. Laura L. says

    All the gifts above are beautiful – especially that scarf. What I’d really love this year, though, is a study bibles with one of those really gorgeous cases w/ the handles.

  16. Elle Briarson says

    The entire Gift Guide is wonderful! Any Mom (including me) would treasure any of those great gifts! My fave besides the exquisite Blue Nile earrings, is the Clarisonic! Perfect gift and tool to keep Mom’s skin healthy, glowing, and beautiful!

  17. Stephanie Ford-Smith says

    One of the best gifts for my Mom was an all expense paid day at Disneyland – my Mom is a kid at heart and she loved spending Mothers Day at the Happiest Place on Earth! ♥

  18. Maureen G says

    Mom loves colorful flowers so we get her flats of flowering annuals and also, flowering shrubs. Then we plant them where she chooses.

  19. Natalie F says

    I love to go with my mom to get a pedicure. Such a fun time to just spend time with my mom while getting pampered.

  20. says

    An empty house so I can take a nap without someone waking me up every 5 minutes would be a great Mother’s Day gift.

  21. Sonya says

    To this day my best mother’s day gift was a big heart with 2 pairs of wings (my boy’s hand prints) and it was written mommy on it. My boys told me that I was the best mommy ever, a beautiful big hearted angel. I cried. This is what it’s all about isn’t it? :)

  22. Angela Merrow says

    For my mom: I made her handcrafted silver and Swarovski earrings, detailed her car and made her favorite a homemade lemon meringue pie (2 1/2 inch tall meringue.) She’s always happier when I make her something over purchasing a gift. It comes from the heart and means so much more. From my boys… My favorite thing is the homemade cards and a huge hug.

  23. SHARON says

    I always do the hanging basket thing for mom and my mil. Maybe this list will inspire me to move out of my comfort zone.

  24. Alina Bentley says

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