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It’s hard to keep a proper perspective on one’s own work so I have to rely on you guys to let me know what I’m doing well, what I’m doing not so well and how I can keep this site relevant and interesting and easy to navigate. I posted one of these Reader Surveys last year and found it extremely helpful, if not a bit self-indulgent. What can I say? Blogging does require a fair amount of navel gazing, I suppose. But the purpose truly is to make the blog better, so I hope you’ll take the time to look through it and give me your 3 cents . . . inflation, ya know!

If you are a daily email subscriber, don’t click away just yet!! I know you took a similar survey earlier this week, but this one is a bit different. There are some of the same questions but also some new ones. I will be posting the survey results with some pretty nifty graphs and charts, but unfortunately there is no way to combine the two so if you want your input to be included, you’ll have to at least answer the multiple choice questions again. (The paragraph ones don’t matter, I read each of those individually so there’s no need to repeat them unless you have something to add.)

I tried to keep the survey relatively short, but you know me . . . brevity is not my strong suit! All questions are optional, however, so feel free to answer the ones that resonate with you and skip the rest. There is a combination of multiple choice and essay questions (I was a teacher, remember??) but even on the multiple choice questions, I almost always offered an “other” option where you can fill in your own answer if I don’t supply one that fits. Or if you just want to explain your answer, feel free to do so there.

Please be honest (but nice). It is anonymous, although I admit, after the last one, I was DYING to respond individually to a few comments. Feel free to include your email address if you want a direct reply . . . although I’m not guaranteeing one. I do have dinner to make and laundry to fold… (Although trust me, I’d much rather spend my time chatting with you!)

Without further ado, here it is.


I tried to embed the form above, but if that doesn’t work,


Thank you SO SO much for your time and candid answers. And did I mention how pretty you look today!?

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