It’s the Little Things . . .

It truly is the little things that make the biggest difference sometimes . . . the simple things in life, the small gestures that can turn your day around. Like a love note scrawled on a napkin and tucked into your lunchbox, a complimentary chocolate left with the bill after a savory meal, or the ‘courtesy wave’ when you let someone pull out in front of you in a crowded parking lot.

Whatever happened to the courtesy wave, anyway?? Has that gone the way of gentlemen opening car doors and footing the bill on the first date?


I love it when brands work harder to make our lives easier. Like the automatic trunk release on my SUV . . . bliss!! Such a small feature and yet it has made such a difference in the ease of my day-to-day comings and goings.

My latest obsession is in the laundry room — Tide Pods and Gain Flings. These little guys have taken the mess out of doing laundry.


You know how it is with those big, heavy bottles of detergent. For one thing, you practically have to be a weight lifter to heave the thing off the shelf. And I don’t know about you, but no matter how clever those “no spill” caps have become, I still manage to drip soapy laundry detergent down the front of my washing machine.

Well, no more.

I was offered the opportunity to try out Tide Pods and Gain Flings from Proctor and Gamble, and you guys, these little pods have done the most to improve my laundry experience since we renovated our laundry room! I mean.


Look how easy. You just grab a little pac of detergent, toss . . . or shall I say fling it into the drum of the washing machine right along with your clothes, set it and walk away. No mess. No measuring. No dripping. No waste. For especially dirty loads, you can add a second pac.


The instructions actually say to add the pac to the empty washer, and then add the clothes, but I usually forget to put it in first and throw it in on top of the clothes and it works fine. Whether you have a front loader or top loader, you can use the pods, and you are supposed to put them in the drum in both cases. The website says specifically to “never add Tide Pods to the dosing drawer.” For especially dirty loads, you can add a second pac.

Best of all? You can get Tide Pods and Gain Flings at Target, which is perfect for me because I practically live there already.

I’ve always been a fan of Tide, but I had never seen these Pods, which evidently have been around for a while so I don’t know where I’ve been. Although, admittedly, I generally don’t peruse the laundry aisle at Target, nor do I watch commercials on TV (thank you, Roku!) I’m sure I’m not alone. Of course that’s why brands are reaching to bloggers to spread their news these days. Stick with me, I’ll keep you in the know!


Tide Pods contain detergent plus brightener plus stain remover in one. You will still need to use a fabric softener, which is fine by me because I usually use dryer sheets. Again, I’m all about the easy.

The Tide Pods have been so popular that Gain is getting on the bandwagon with their new Flings. I find myself using the Gain Flings more in my towel loads, as they tend to harbor bad odors if you’re not careful, and Gain is known for its fabulous scent.

If you’re a Gainiac, don’t worry about not getting your fix from these tiny little flings. A little goes a long way. In fact, they actually have 50% more scent per unit dose than the liquid that comes in the bottles. Plus they contain Oxi boost and Febreze! Just fling one into your washer, load it up, set it to the appropriate wash cycle and go on about your day! Easy peasy pumpkin squeezy.

These convenient little packets will seriously change your laundry experience forever. As they say, it’s the little things . . .

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  1. says

    Gainiac? Are there really people that are that into their laundry detergent? LOL! :)

    I haven’t tried these. I’m thinking they may be perfect for my son when he goes off to college in the fall.

  2. says

    I say ALL THE TIME that the invention of the Pods for laundry and the dishwasher is one of the greatest things that have happened for me personally in my lifetime…no mess and SO easy (and cute)! Its right up there with the Boppy and the Ipod! I want to hug the creators or buy them a drink!

  3. Lee Ann says

    I also have front load washer. Do you put them in the washer or in the top part where the detergent goes?
    I still give the courtesy wave and teach my girls to do the same now that they’re driving.

  4. says

    I looooove the packs for the dishwasher & would use them for the laundry but they don’t have (that I have seen) an unscented version yet.. any inside info you can share??

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