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Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride On What Can Damage Our Gut Flora :: Kelly the Kitchen Kop.

“So all these factors together created generations of women with seriously abnormal gut flora, and that’s what they pass to their newborn babies nowadays, and as a result we have epidemics of learning disabilities and physical problems in our children.”

So says Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of the GAPS Diet, in the video below.  (GAPS stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome.)  She explains the factors that can damage our gut flora, which translates like this for the normal person:  things that do a number on our immune system, which resides in our intestinal tract.

I feel like the GAPS Diet would be great for me (and probably for at least one of my children), but it seems like a lot of work and so restrictive. I’m not sure I’m that I’m ready yet. Has anyone else done it? Thoughts?

Give MORE Stuff Away :: Give Every Day.

It’s oddly liberating – living with less. We have only the things that we really want/need/use.

These posts really make me think about STUFF and how much of it we have and what I want to do about that. Are you following Tim and Stephanie’s RV journey? If not, you should be!!

The Thoughtful Parent’s Guide to Thinking Through Vaccinations :: Keeper of the Home.

Medical decisions can be so intimidating, especially since we feel so much is at stake — our kids’ health! — but we are not helpless, forced to blindly depend on even a brilliant guide. To a certain extent, we can think things through and come to our own conclusions.  WE are responsible for our children’s health.

This is a balanced article about the issues on both sides of the argument. If this is an issue you are working through, you definitely want to read this. We’ve done all the standard vax because that’s just what you do, right? I am actually kind of glad that I am beyond the point of making most of these decisions because it is a daunting subject, and yet one that interests me very much. I look forward to the next installment in this series.

Sweetney Shakes It Up :: She Posts.

Without much fanfare, Sweetney had morphed into a collaborative blog that smells and tastes like the old Sweetney but just…isn’t.  As Gaughran-Perez explained in her “goodbye” post, her decision to stop personal blogging resulted from the pressures of her daughter getting older and constraints on her time with two professional websites to run.

In light of my State of the Blog Address, I found this article very interesting. I feel good about my decision to stick to personal blogging for the time being, but I certainly understand her decision.


  1. says

    We did full GAPS for about a year (I tried to start with intro, but it was pretty intense, so we quickly moved into the full diet), and have detoured to a different diet for a (hopefully) short time to see if it promotes greater (and quicker) healing for my son. Now that we’re off of it, I’m realizing how much I really like GAPS. I think it’s an inherently healthy way to eat (although I’m still inconsistent personally, I was very diligent with my son). It’s a lot of work, and definitely a learning curve, especially if one is a SAD eater, but you’re already partially there with your whole foods approach. If one can tolerate nuts and coconut flour, it’s not that restrictive, again compared to the diet I have my son on now, which is much more limited. I’ve not done SCD, but I believe they are very similar.

    • Jo-Lynne says

      That’s good to know, although, my son is allergic to nuts, so that does complicate matters. :-( Still, I’m glad to hear it is doable. I, too, was thinking of skipping the first phase.

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