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The Dominos Effect — Men’s Health. This is long. But it is SO worth a read.  I never even thought about pizza.

Why Didn’t I Know About GMOs? — Moms for Safe Food.  We ALL need to know about GMOs.

The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer — Hella Delicious. I just bought this book after hearing Joel Salatin speak at the Wise Traditions Conference. I can’t WAIT to read it.  She includes some great quotes in her post.

Mother Missed Flight Because TSA… — Strollerderby.  Are you all following this TSA nightmare?  I honestly cannot believe this is my country we’re talking about.  The land of the free and the home of the brave?  Hardly.  I’m seriously debating what to do about my Blissdom trip in January.  The last place I want to be these days is in an American airport, so I may drive.  Those of you who have flown lately, what was your experience?

Putting A Limit On More — Playgroups Are No Place For Children.  Oh how I struggle with this one.


  1. says

    When I watched the video of that poor mom, being harassed by the TSA over a bottle of BREAST MILK, it made me SO mad. I seriously admired her composure. I would have been much more impatient than that, and probably been thrown out of the airport. Or into jail. And they did it because they remembered her from a previous flight, and had already labeled her as a trouble-maker. I hope she sues the TSA, and wins.

    I rarely fly (like, twice in the past 15 years). I think people who really don’t mind the body scanners, just choose that, and wonder what the big deal is about. I think those folks don’t have a sense of being invaded by the images given — they don’t see them as indecent b/c they never took their clothes off. I do think the radiation is a concern. They claim it’s not, but how many times in the past 40 years have they claimed something was perfectly safe, only to tell us later than it wasn’t? There are too many conflicts of interest here for me to believe they really have my best interest at heart.

  2. Lori says

    The governments main job is to keep us safe and if this will keep us safer so bit it. The images on the screen are not that revealing. Have you seen them? They sure don’t look sexy to me. And if you prefer a pat down, a member of the same sex will do that and they are just patting you outside of your clothes. We live in a very dangerous world and I can’t see how this is taking away our freedom. Massive debt and huge government is doing that….trying to control our eating habits, the way we school our children, trying to mandate vaccinations, controlling organic farmers, etc. Those are the things we should be concerned about…just my oponion.

  3. Kirstjen Pratt says

    We flew over Thanksgiving…myself with our three year old son and my husband a few days later…and had nothing out of the “usual” security checks. I didn’t even see anyone going through the scanners or having a pat down.

    I do agree with Lori above – people have used airplanes as weapons to kill others. I don’t want to be on one of those. If this is a better way to keep us safe then it’s fine with me. I think that a lot of people would feel differently about stronger security measures if they knew someone from their flight was caught pre-violent act by using them.

    Good luck deciding about your trip!

  4. Susan says

    About the putting the lid on more post: Here is my take on it for kids. There are ALWAYS going to be people who have less and people who have more. Make an effort to do some sort of giving thing at Christmas that involves your kids. Make an effort to not go crazy nuts and have all of Best Buy under your Christmas tree. And then don’t give it another thought. Why do we need to guilt our kids at Christmas time ? Seriously…I refuse to make my kid feel guilty just because we do have more than a lot of people. They aren’t going to get it when they are 4, 5 or 8 and I think that is totally unrealistic. But if you START at that age, maybe when they are 11 or 13 they will start to get it a smidge.

  5. Yvonne says

    I think the new TSA guidelines are needed. It is sad but true. I work everyday in Manhattan and was here on 9/11. I believe they should take what ever precautions are needed. Unfortunately, people will use anything to cause distruction.

    That being said, I flew from NY to GA for Thanksgiving week with my 2 1/2 year old twins. DH could not come with us. I felt all the aiport employees were extremely friendly and helpful. Even the security people were extremely kind when they had to take my twins stuffed animals, Titi and Monkey, and put them through the scanner. WOW, did my kids scream bloody murder!!!!

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