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Good Saturday morning from Seattle! I finally have my husband back. His conference is over and we spent yesterday afternoon together, mostly eating and shopping — my two favorite past times. I did a little bit of damage at the flagship Nordstrom, hehe.

Last night we had dinner at Salty’s and I wish I had photos of our view. For those who don’t know Seattle, Salty’s is the only restaurant in West Seattle with a view that looks back on the city. We dined at 8pm, so it was dark out and the view of the city skyline all lit up was perfectly sublime. We also lucked out to get a clear night, so our view was unfettered by fog or cloud cover.

Today we’re off to take the ferry across Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island, which I understand to be a hilly island city chock full of trendy restaurants and one-of-a-kind shops.

Meanwhile, here are some links for your Saturday morning perusal…

Seeking Simplicity.  I *LOVE* this post by Katie at Kitchen Stewardship.  It’s all about how our children’s play should imitate life, not the other way around, AND how to promote creativity and contentment.  Don’t miss it.

And this post by my dear friend Robin, Parenting Teenagers, is another MUST READ.  Her advice is practical and so right on.  If you have kids nearing the teen years, don’t skip this one.

Beware of “organic” factory farmed eggs. Is Your Favorite Organic Egg Brand a Factory Farm in Disguise?

I thought this was interesting and worth sharing — 18 Things You Are Wasting Money On at Marc and Angel Hack Life.  I agree on [almost] all of these!  :-)

Finally, don’t miss my Hyatt Resorts Giveaway — win a free night at a Hyatt Resort property anywhere in the U.S.


  1. says

    Not sure if you are still in Seattle…but if you are and have a chance make an effort to get some ice cream at Molly Moon! It is THE Seattle ice cream shop. And totally wonderful! I recommend the strawberry balsamic…or the salted caramel with hot fudge. But no matter what you get…please get a homemade waffle cone. You wont regret it! There are two shops…one on Captial Hll and the other in Wallingford…both are Seattle neighborhoods.

    • Jo-Lynne says

      Thanks so much for the rec! I am back on Pennsylvania soil today so I will stash this in my mental file cabinet for our next trip to Seattle! :-)

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