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life rearranged

My name is Jo-Lynne and I’m addicted to Instagram. It is by far my favorite social media network. Seeing people’s pictures just makes me happy.

Since I host Fashion Fridays on, well, Fridays, and because I’m loving this new InstaFriday carnival, I’ve decided to start posting mine on Thursdays. I’ll still link up on Fridays, but this makes my life a bit easier.

I’ve been instagramming a TON this week, for some reason. It’s feast or famine with me and Instagram, but I do enjoy scrolling through everyone else’s pictures almost every day. I’m jolynneshane on Instagram if you want to follow along!

Last Thursday was the last day of school for my kiddos. I snapped this photo before they went to the bus stop for the last time this school year. They weren’t excited in the least . . . can’t you tell?

schools out

While they were in school, my new dishwasher came. We have fussed with our Kenmore dishwasher for YEARS and I finally kicked it to the curb. SO many times we discussed going out and buying a Bosch, which is the only brand of dishwasher that people seem to really get excited about. I’m so glad we held out because I was recently invited to participate in a Consumer Test Program with Bosch! WOOT!!! They have provided me with a final pre-production dishwasher with all the newest features, and I will be traveling to their headquarters in Irvine, California next week to get a hands-on look at the Bosch brand and the engineering inside their newest line of dishwashers. In exchange, I will document our experience here on ye olde blawg, and we will provide them with feedback over the next two years that will help their engineers improve the design for the next generation of Bosch dishwashers.


I am beyond thrilled with my new dishwasher. I can’t tell you how amazing it seems to finally have a dishwasher actually does what it’s supposed to do . . . wash dishes!! And also? That extra 3rd rack is the shiz.

bosch dishwasher 3rd rack

While Bosch’s white glove serviceman installed my new dishwasher, I enjoyed a little gluten free treat with my morning coffee.

udis snickerdoodles and coffee

That afternoon, after the kids got off the bus . . .

schools out for summer

. . . we had a little Last Day Of School party on my back deck. The kids noshed on pizza and juice boxes, and the moms celebrated with these fun Peach Bellinis by Lt. Blenders. You buy the powder mix (I know, I know, I’m a real foodie failure) and add wine and water. Shake and freeze, and you have a yummy slushie drink to share with your girlfriends on the patio or by the pool or where ever you happen to be. I bought this at a local winery, but you can also order it on Amazon. I’m stocking up on it for my vacation in the Poconos next month.

peach bellini

I woke up the next morning to this glorious sunrise.


Later in the day, I took my daughter to our CSA to help me pick peas. She’s the only one of my kids I could convince to come along.

picking peas

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to meet a friend at a nearby trail for a run. We are both running the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in September so we’re trying to meet up for our long runs to help the time go by faster. It was a gorgeous morning for a run, or really for any outdoorsy activity — about 60 degrees, no humidity and we had plenty of shade on our trail to keep from baking. We ran 6 miles in a little over an hour — not bad time for walking a half-mile of it and taking a potty stop!

6 miles

After I showered and changed, I joined my family at my son’s baseball game.


Then we spent the afternoon at Longwood Gardens! Yes, it was a busy day!!


Sunday morning I was up and out early for my 3-mile recovery run. When I got home, my husband called me out onto the deck to see this hot air balloon.

hot air balloon

We see these a lot, I guess our house is right in their path. I had just gone back inside and sat down when my husband hollered again. The balloon was landing in our neighborhood, just a few streets over!

hot air balloon landed

Crazy, right!!??

On Monday, we kicked off our summer vacation with an afternoon at the pool. My 7-year-old discovered the diving board. I think she’s hooked!


Pretty proud of herself, she was.


She spent the rest of the afternoon trying different jumping poses. What a crack up.

When I was frying eggs yesterday morning, I was inspired to take a picture. I can’t get over how bright orange the yolks are, now that it’s summer and the hens are getting their optimal diet of grass and bugs. We buy our eggs from a local farm, and they are always much richer and more vibrant than grocery store eggs, but during the summer they take on this bright orange hue that is absolutely gorgeous. So of course I had to share.

pastured eggs

And finally, I took this screen capture of the stop watch on my iPhone this morning after planking for 2 minutes. I was curious how long I could hold it. I should probably jump on the Plank-A-Day bandwagon, but I doubt I’ll be able to remember to do it every day!

plank a day

And that pretty much sums up our week! What have you been up to??


  1. Michelle says

    Oh my gosh! A fellow instagram addict! Ah! {Hugs!}
    I go to bed at night (every night) and *swear* that I won’t pick up the phone.
    Yeah, never happens and somehow I lose a few hours of sleep every night.
    I love your pics :)
    And what cuties you have!
    I am glad you found my blog and I…
    Now I am off to legally stalk you on all forms of social media 😉

  2. d says

    I am saying good-bye to my beloved Bosch when we move next week-the new house has a new (cheapo) dishwasher so I will be patiently waiting to replace it with a Bosch….maybe sooner than later now that I see that third rack;-)

    • says

      So you recommend it, then? I am loving it so far! And while our last one was fairly quiet, this one I have to put my ear to it to know if it’s on or not. At first I was afraid that it was going to be a pain in that way – that I’d get up in the morning and realize it hadn’t run and was full of dirty dishes. but then I discovered this red light that shines on the floor under the dishwasher when it’s running. Brilliant!

      Here’s my one complaint. The stainless is really unforgiving. I have other stainless appliances, and my last dishwasher actually wiped up really easily. This one though is a streaky mess. Did you use a specific cleaner for yours?

  3. says

    HI there,
    Found you thru The Pleated Poppy! Your 30 days of outfits posts are great! I was also reading some of your running posts.

    I have heard so much about Bosch. I wish we had tried it when I purchased our new one as this one is not living up to my expectation. How exciting you get to try it!

    That peach drink sounds delicious!

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