How to Wear Camo Pants {Outfit Evolution}

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How to Style Camo

As you can see, I ordered the Camo Always Skinny Jeans from the Gap that I’ve linked to a few times, but I wasn’t sure I could pull them off without looking like I’m trying too hard so I decided to poll the masses. I put this question out to my Facebook page with a photo: “Can I pull off the camo jeans?”

The general consensus seemed to be that yes, I could. There were a few doubters but for the most part, the response was encouraging. I really love the edgy casual-cool vibe, but the last thing I want to do is look like a middle aged hausfrau trying to hold onto the last vestiges of my youth. It wasn’t until my husband got home that I decided for sure to keep them. He noticed them right away, which is usually a bad sign, but this time he was quite complimentary.

So now the question is, of course, how to style camo pants?

Camo Jeans Outfit Evolution

I’m a plain jane, so the first thing I did was try the camo pants on with a black tank. I threw on a mixed-metal necklace for interest, and I went for black wedge flip-flops to keep the outfit casual.

camo skinnies with black tank

It’s okay but it could be a whole lot cuter. Next I tried them on with a bright orange tank, but I felt too much like hunting season, so I added a jean jacket to break it up. Plus, it was a cool day and I felt like it could use an other layer.

how to wear camo

This works, but I’m not real sure about the flips. I’ve seen camo jeans paired with pumps but I’m not really That Girl so I decided to give them a try with ballet flats. And I changed out the orange top for a magenta V-neck tee.

how to wear camo

I’m really liking this. I think it brings the camo pants into the mom style category, at least.

I couldn’t resist trying it on with heels, just for fun. I didn’t have a pump that I felt would work but I thought these suede peep-toe heels were kind of cute with them. I do kind of like this look, but I think I’m more likely to wear the camo pants for casual occasions.

camo with heels

Next, I switched out the jean jacket for my khaki one. I’m not sure I love this, but I can’t put my finger on why not. I think perhaps the khaki jacket would work better over a white tee with flats. I’m not loving it with the heels, that’s for sure.


I think I’d prefer the camo jeans with a more casual tee – a slub tee, perhaps? Something a bit looser that I would probably front tuck. And ultimately I like them best worn for casual.

I know it’s plain, but I think this is my favorite look of all — with a white tee and brown belt and orange flats to add an element of fun.

Camo Jeans with White Tee

I didn’t try it, but I think the khaki jacket might work better with this combination.

My last attempt to style my camo jeans was to throw on my chambray shirt. This might be my favorite look of all. It would also be cute with gray Converse sneakers, which are on my short list of shoes to buy for fall.

camo and chambray

I still felt like there were more possibilities so I took it to Pinterest for some “pinspiration”  . . . if you will.

Camo Pinspiration

First, I was thrilled to see that I discovered the magic of the jean jacket with camo before I saw it on Pinterest Told Me To — an ADORABLE blog, if you haven’t yet discovered it. I like how she pairs them with that loose blouse. Funny, I had that blouse in black and I returned it. It was HUGE, and I felt it did nothing for me. Now I’m curious how it would have worked with these camo jeans.

camo pants pinspiration 1via Pinterest Told Me To

 I also love the look on the left — that is the look that made me realize my t-shirt was a little too tailored for this look.

Note to self: invest in a few casual slub tees for fall layering possibilities.

This look with the black tee and denim jacket and black pumps is simple but really works, in my opinion.

kendi in camo

via Kendi Everyday

I like them with a blouse too

IMG_0374via My Showroom Blog

I’m also liking them with black and gray.

camo with gray and black leathervia Raspberry Rouge

And somehow this camo and chambray pairing looks really elegant.

camo with chambrayphoto credit unknown, found on Pinterest

I also love these camo pants with the white and black combo. And the boots!

camo with white and blackvia Refined Style

So I definitely have some ideas to work with now! Stay tuned for my future Daily Mom Style posts to see how I end up styling my Camo Always Skinny Jeans. They’re still available at the Gap for $69.95, and if you watch their sales, you can probably score them for 30% off like I did!

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  1. KellyinPA says

    I’ve decided that at 51 the camo pants are not for me. However, I do think they look great on you!;) My preference ( and I stick closely to the conservative side so bear that in mind:) is paired with the denim jacket and the chambray shirt. Must be something about the denim that makes it appeal to me. And I agree, I think the khaki jacket would look good over the white tee. I’m sure you will find your “look” and run with it;) Best wishes on the marathon tomorrow, looking forward to hearing all about it!

  2. says

    Wow! You’re brave. And you look wonderful in your camo. I’ve always like camo and army green with light pink. You might want to try that. And maybe I’ll get brave enough to try on some too!

  3. says

    Interesting look. I am Too Old. One question: why do all the models in the later photos have the bow-legged look? It looks like the intentionally turn their heels out. Isn’t that silly? I’m assuming it’s the famed Sexy Bow-Legged Look.

  4. Beth says

    I’d suggest trying the black tank with the denim jacket. I’m not crazy about the orange tank with the camo but did like the jacket.

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