Holiday Mantel Decorating Inspiration

I’ve been working hard on my holiday decorating this year. It was time to freshen up our decor. For years I’ve used much of the same stuff, and I wanted a new look this year! I started early, pinning ideas for inspiration and thumbing through magazines as they came in the mail, tearing out pages that inspired me. Check out my Christmas Decorating Ideas Pinboard for tons of ideas for decorating all areas of your home!

Because my mantle is always my decorating nemesis, I thought it would be fun to write a post featuring a collection of gorgeous mantles for holiday decorating inspiration. Maybe this will help you as you’re doing your holiday decorating as well!

But first, a word about attribution. Pinterest is a sticky wicket. People don’t know how to pin properly from the page the photo is located on, and often shady websites scrape blogs and take their images, and the image gets pinned from there and the owner of the photo loses credit. I did my best to find the original source of these images so I could give proper credit, but sometimes it just isn’t possible. If you’re a blogger, this is why you should ALWAYS watermark your photos. That is sometimes the only way I can find the source of the image – if the website is ON the photo. So with that out of the way . . .

9 Gorgeous Holiday Mantles

Holiday Mantel Decorating Inspiration

1. Joy to the World | HGTV via Pinterest

2. Stars and Cranberries | Stacy Soto on Pinterest

3. White Mantle | The Inspired Room

4. Chic Christmas Mantle | Love It So Much

5. Ho Ho Ho | Chic On a Shoestring

6. Candy Cane Stockings | Grand Design Co.

7. O Holy Night | tHe fiCkLe piCkLe

8. Live Greens | Lady and the Blog

9. Red and White |

Which one is YOUR favorite??

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    I have been slacking in the decorating department this year. This is giving me the motivation to get it together this week. Great inspiration!

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