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This month as part of the California Wine Club blogger campaign, I got to try 2 bottles of wine from the Daniel Gehrs Winery. These are their holiday wines, so they are perfect for gift giving — definitely the best ones I’ve tried yet!

I couldn’t decide which is my favorite. Of course, maybe the fact that I didn’t even take time to get a photo of the Chenin Blanc should tell you something.

I have never had a Chenin Blanc, so I immediately asked my friendly neighbor wine connoisseur what to expect, and he said it was similar to a white Bordeaux. WHICH. Is probably my favorite white wine. Score!

The Gehrs Chenin Blanc went down easy. It was dry and slightly complex, but still easy to drink alone although I’m sure it would have paired well with a chicken or fish dish.

A few nights later, I tried the Merlot. While I don’t usually buy Merlot, this one was delicious. Again, it can stand alone but also went nicely with my pot roast for dinner.

Both I enjoyed VERY much, and this is why the CA Wine Club is so much fun. You discover wines you’d never otherwise know about. I even learned about a new variety this month!

Definitely give the CA Wine Premier Club consideration when you’re making your list and checking it twice. Not only is it a great gift for the wine lover in your life, but you don’t even have to step a foot inside the mall! Win!

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