Holiday GG: Gifts for Her

Holiday Gifts for Her from C. Wonder

Last night I attended an event at a new store at our mall called C. Wonder hosted by my good friend Colleen.

You guys, this store is my new crush!

I’ve seen other fashion bloggers mention how they love C Wonder for stacking bracelets and accessories, but I didn’t know they also had tons of cute clothes as well as an extensive home collection! I picked up some gifts for various people on my list . . . and perhaps a couple of little trinkets for myself. I know, I am bad, but I couldn’t resist this knotted bangle set. And this stars bangle. And we were all cracking up over the social media earrings.

All jewelry was (and still is!) 30% off!

Many of their accessories for both fashion and home are monogrammed. This is such a fun trend as well as a classic style that borders on preppy, but they manage to keep it modern at the same time. Take a look! Here are my top picks for gifts for her from C Wonder.

8 Gifts for her from C. Wonder

  1. monogram iPhone 5 case
  2. gold monogram wine stopper
  3. crackle glass ornament
  4. knotted bangle set
  5. monogram cheese board with spreader
  6. monogram mug
  7. printed stripe jewelry case
  8. social media earring set  *I die*

This post isn’t sponsored in any way, although I did use affiliate links. I just couldn’t help but share these adorable gift ideas!!

Thanks, Colleen, for introducing me to C. Wonder!


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