Got Static?

Winter dryness is my nemesis — whether it’s itchy skin, brittle hair and nails or staticky clothes… the dry winter air wrecks havoc everywhere. I absolutely hate it. I know, I know. We don’t say hate. 

But really, isn’t it bad enough that it’s so dreadfully cold? And I have to deal with the dry air too?

My daughters are constantly complaining about their hair being staticky. It drives them bananas when it sticks to their faces and necks, and while I usually carry a travel-sized Static Guard in my purse to keep my clothes static-free on the go, I don’t like to use the aerosol near the face. So they suffer. (Thank heavens for ponytails.)

But static even wrecks havoc on my hair — the worst is in the dressing room, trying on clothes. You know how it goes. You get yourself perfectly coiffed and looking fabulous to go to the mall, only to ruin it when you go to pull that cashmere sweater over your head in the dressing room.

I have a solution for you! I just discovered this little gem of information on twitter, thanks to my friend Jessica of Mommas Gone City.

Isn’t that brilliant?

I am going to do this from now on! Just think of the freedom. No more staticky hair (or clothes)!! It will hardly take up any room in your purse and will make it smell good too.

Have you tried this? Does it work??

(This post is not sponsored by or in any way endorsed by Bounce. It’s just what I happen to have in the house. However, I am aware of the 1,4-dioxane concerns and I keep meaning to switch to something better. Anyone got a suggestion? Before I start wiping down my person with these things??)


  1. Lee Ann says

    I tried it when my hairstylist suggested it, but it doesn’t work on my hair. My hair smells good, though! I really hate trying clothes on in the winter, too! That’s the worst.

  2. says

    Hand lotion! Use as normal to condition your hands, and when it’s all nearly absorbed, lightly run over your hair. Works great, and your girls can use this trick too.

    Melaleuca makes a really nice lotion called Renew. Bath and Body Works also has some great scents, and sell small sizes that don’t take up much room in a handbag or backpack.

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