Got Food?

We all know there’s a gas crisis of sorts.  Gas in my area is now over $4 per gallon.  YIKES.  But have you also noticed the increase in food prices?   The prices at the supermarket have been climbing, and there is no end in sight. 

For most of us here in America, we can adjust.  I know in our household, we have cut some of our more superfluous costs to help make more money available for gas and food.  But in some parts of the world, there is a serious food crisis, and families are spending most of their income to buy food.  For more information on this global food crisis, see the Food Crisis Information hosted by the Compassion ministry.

Compassion has started a Global Food Crisis Fund to bring aid to those in need around the globe.  In addition, Compassion has set aside June 25 as a day of prayer and fasting.  Whether or not you can contribute financially, you can certainly contribute prayerfully.   I hope you will consider how you might  support this ministry in their attempts to fight the food crisis around the globe.

I am continuously encouraged to see the work Compassion is doing to bring help and healing to those around the globe.  Just this afternoon, my son wrote a letter to the little boy we sponsor in Uganda, Samaul.  In addition to our financial contribution, we are able to communicate with this little boy who lives half-way around the world, thanks to Compassion ministries.  Pretty cool, huh!?


  1. Culpepper says

    Thanks for the information. I will pass it along. I will certainly be praying.

    Gas in Dallas is at $3.89 but a 12 pack of Sprite cost me $4.99 this morning. Yikes!

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