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11 Simple, Homemade Gifts :: Keeper of the Home

Homemade gifts are my favorite gifts to give and receive. A present that is made by hand communicates love and thoughtfulness, showing the recipient they are worthy of your time and energy.

One downside to giving homemade gifts is that it can be time consuming. It’s easy to become stressed and overwhelmed with projects piling up as Christmas approaches.

Today I’d like to share eleven simple gifts that can be put together in under an hour (some in just a few minutes):

I love homemade gifts too, but I admit that I’m often deterred by the time and talent it takes to put together homemade gifts. These ideas go beyond the typical homemade fudge, but they keep it do-able. (I’m thinking of giving my homemade granola this year, rather than fudge, as I had planned. How do you think that would go over??)

How To Raise Boys That Read Hint: Not with gross-out books and video-game bribes. :: WSJ

One obvious problem with the SweetFarts philosophy of education is that it is more suited to producing a generation of barbarians and morons than to raising the sort of men who make good husbands, fathers and professionals. If you keep meeting a boy where he is, he doesn’t go very far.

The other problem is that pandering doesn’t address the real reason boys won’t read. My own experience with six sons is that even the squirmiest boy does not require lurid or vulgar material to sustain his interest in a book.

I am so NOT a fan of “gross-out books” for boys (and girls) and made a stink about their inclusion in our school’s Book Fair once. I even wrote a post about it. AND I STAND BY IT. And this article explains why better than I ever could.

Frugal Christmas Mantle :: Beauty and Bedlam

My desire is that you  remember we don’t live in a Pinterest Perfect World.

Sometimes in blog land it feels as if everyone else’s home must be perfectly in order, and  somehow we are the only who just can’t quite get there. Don’t believe that lie.

Glean inspiration and encouragement from beautiful blogs. Get ideas and tips fromPinterest, but never, ever think that what you see is always reality.

As bloggers, we choose to show you what we want to, and hopefully, this post is a reminder of that.

If you, like me, sometimes get overwhelmed with all the picture-perfect homes you see on DIY blogs, read this post. It is such an awesome reality check. THANKS, JEN!!

Finally, PLEASE consider giving the gift of food this holiday season!

Nolan painting of Havertown


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