{Gluten Free} Meal Plan 7.06.11

I’m going to have to start meal planning monthly. The weeks just fly by and Monday is here again before I know what hit me. This is a short week (for me, at least) so the menu plan is short and sweet. Still, I need this for ME. The weeks I don’t take the time to do this are always infinitely more stressful.

MONDAY: Ribs and Pulled Pork that I bought from Countrytime Farm when I was at the farmers’ market on Saturday, with corn on the cob from Georgia, and fresh locally grown green beans, steamed to perfection and drowning in butter . . . nom. nom. (The ribs and pulled pork are already seasoned and just need heating up — that’s my kinda recipe!)

TUESDAY: Shrimp Scampi a la Ina Garten. I’m not sure what I’ll do about the linguine. I may buy gluten free, or I may make the regular for the fam and just eat mine without. I don’t really care for the texture of GF pasta, and I also feel best when I’m low-carbing it, so I will probably just go without. I’ll serve this with whatever fresh, local veggie I can find. I bought some “baby garlic” at the farmers’ market on Saturday, and I can’t wait to try it in this dish.

WEDNESDAY: Oven roasted chicken from Spring Water Farm with carrots and potatoes.

THURSDAY: I hope to be at the shore, but this plan largely depends on my son NOT making it to the baseball championship game on Thursday night. I’m not saying I hope they lose, but I sure wish I could be two places at once. Divine intervention could still happen, right? I’m going to put takeout pizza on my menu plan, in good faith.

FRIDAY: I’ll leave some hotdogs (also from Countrytime Farm) for the family to grill while I’m at the Jersey Shore, basking in the sun and hanging out with the incomparable Emily and Cooper of The Motherhood and the other fabulous mom bloggers they gathered together for this fun and relaxing weekend away. Can you sense my anticipation? I am so ready for this!!

SATURDAY: I’ll be getting back from the shore on Saturday, and we’re going to a minor league ballgame on Saturday night so we’ll probably just grab some junk there — meaning my kids will likely eat hot dogs two nights in a row. That which does not kill us . . .

SUNDAY: Grass-fed burgers on the grill with raw cut-up veggies and a salad fresh from our garden! (As I try to cancel out the nitrates from the night before.)

Okay, so I realize this post is a bit light on the recipes, but at least I know what we’re eating this week! And maybe it helps you get some ideas too.

If you have a gluten-free meal plan or recipe to share, I’d love it if you’d link up! I just ask that you link back to this post. Thanks!

Gluten Free Recipe Roundup


  1. DeAnn says

    Quinoa might be a good replacement for the linguine. I’m not crazy about it but it’s growing on me. Most pasta recipes, excluding typical red sauce ones, I usually just make myself a small serving of quinoa. If you doctor it up with the butter, garlic, lemon, and parsley, it might be pretty tasty with the shrimp. I find myself not doing any grains with meals more and more. I think it will be easier to do now that local veggies are becoming plentiful. We had a salad from our garden last night. It’s funny how that just feels like a luxury!

    • Jo-Lynne says

      You know, I hadn’t thought about doing rice or quinoa with this dish. I do like quinoa. That might help sop up some of the sauce. I think I’ll try it.

  2. Becky says

    My daughter has been GF for 3 years now ( more than half her life). I refuse to make 2 pastas. We all eat the GF pasta. It helped at first to make new recipes that we didn’t expect to taste a certain way until we got used to it. (we did the same thing when we switched to whole wheat in the late 90s). Everyone has gotten used to the GF pasta except my husband and he just deals with a smile on his face. I really can’t eat pasta out anymore because it doesn’t taste right. I enjoy reading about your whole food and gluten free journey. Thanks

    • Jo-Lynne says

      I never make 2 pastas either. My family has been pretty cooperative about eating my GF pasta but I’ve decided I just don’t like it enough and grains always seem to sit heavy in my tummy. So I think I”ll just make the “good stuff” for them and I’ll go without. I did buy whole wheat, though, hoping it’s a bit more healthful for them. They’ll probably say they like the GF better! HA!

  3. mary b says

    We don’t really do pasta anymore since going low carb, so if it were me I’d toss the shrimp over some spaghetti squash. Otherwise I just do scampi and add a bunch of veggies like broccoli, asparagus, kale or some roasted red peppers.

  4. says

    You could serve the scampi over a bed of lettuce! Pretty basic, and a little strange, but I’ve discovered that *almost* anything that works over pasta works over a salad!

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