TREND WATCH: Printed Pants #FashionFriday

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A few weeks ago I posted about my foray into the printed pants trend. I didn’t necessarily love that outfit, but I haven’t given up on printed pants entirely. I’m not big into florals, so I’m keeping an eye out for a fab pair of plaid skinnies to pair with pastels and brights this season. Although some of the florals aren’t SO bad. I expect I’ll end up with a pair eventually. But there are a lot of ways to wear the trend.

I like the idea of these black-and-white chevron-print pants at Ann Taylor, I just wish they weren’t cropped. I find that look to be aging if you’re not careful how you style them. I’d also love to try on these modern abstract slim jeans. And these polkadot toothpick jeans at JCrew are cute because they aren’t a loud print. And while these aren’t really my style, these camo skinniesĀ at Madewell would be really cute on the right person. I like this floral print at Old Navy. Like the polkadot ones, they allow you to participate in the trend without being too loud. And at that price, you don’t mind experimenting a bit. Same with these snake print denim leggings at Target.

Of course I couldn’t resist having some fun with Polyvore. Here are cute outfit ideas!

I love the idea of polka-dot pants. Especially these where the neutral tone-on-tone color palette maintains a classic look.

These red-and-black plaid pants are fun. I put them with a leather bomber jacket and a plain white tee for a more casual, slightly edgy vibe.

And finally, for those floral lovers out there . . .

You know what? I kinda actually like that last look. Maybe I won’t write floral pants off juuuuust yet!

Which is your favorite look?

Will you rock the printed pants trend or sit this one out?

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  1. says

    My friends 14 year old daughter rocks the red plaid pants in fact she has the yellow plaid and the polka dots in green. I just can’t imagine me wearing it too. As cute as it is, I’m pretty sure I’ll be sitting this one out and stick to plain ol’ denim. Besides it doesn’t stay cold enough here to have to many pairs of pants any way. I’ve worn tanks and shorts almost all Winter this year. LOL!

  2. mary b says

    I am not a big floral person either, so I would be less likely to pick that look. Although I did find the Ann Taylor floral nice…definitely need the colored shoe to make it all pop. Her polka dots are more my style.
    Of these 3 outfits my fave is the red plaid, but my first thought was wear it now with some black boots.
    My one hesitation in buying into the printed jean trend is feeling like you cannot wear them much or you look like you are always wearing the same thing, I suppose if you had 2-3 pair to mix in your wardrobe it would be better.

  3. says

    I too am so hesitant. It takes me back to the Gate Post at Liberty Tree Mall in the 1980s :( I am not sure I can relive this trend at my age. I am however really thinking about a pair of mint jeans this year! (Maybe… can I wear white Keds with them?? LOL)

    • says

      I love mint jeans. CAbi has a cute pair this year! They’re called Thin Mint. I saw them yesterday on Twitter. And OMG, the Liberty Tree Mall… I remember that place! I spent way too much time there in my college days.

  4. says

    The floral pants! And I’ve been thinking “floral pants? Nev-er!” but I like how the cute top and accessories (esp. the necklace) help create an outfit instead of just “heyyy, look at my floral pants!” I need some spring mommy clothes now. :)

  5. says

    I bought my first pair of printed pants after your prior posting! I don’t love them… yet. I think I just need to get over my self consciousness. šŸ˜‰ They are wicked cute on the display, hoping they translate over.

  6. says

    I really love that trend but just don’t think I could pull it off. I think maybe it’s best for someone younger and a little more slender than me;) I’ve also been loving the floral shoes, especially the heels/pumps. Again, not sure I could pull that off, either. What do you think? Is there an age cut-off where one cannot pull of floral pants or shoes?

  7. Kim Holt says

    I am 42 years old and wore floral pants way past the days when floral pants were the “in thing” in the mid 90’s. At one time I counted I had 13 pairs……not sure if I can do it again. Knew I should have kept them…LOL!

  8. Kim Holt says

    I have a pear shaped body….and always worry about wearing something fussy on the bottom…….think it draws too much attention to where I want to draw attention away from!

  9. says

    My heart fell when I saw all the printed pants at Target on my last visit. I even saw a pair that was reversible!? I am not a big girl but I have enough junk in my trunk (and thighs too, unfortunately) that I know this is not the style for me.

    I will continue to wear solid color pants and hope that trend continues for a while.

  10. says

    I like the polka dots because they are small and don’t scream at people. I’m with Kim, I wore the florals and loud print pants in the 90s. My husband finally told me they were costume-ish…and he was right. I really want some mint green jeans but can’t seem to find any that fit my curvy build.

  11. says

    I saw the polka dot print ones in action this week and while I initially balked, I really kind of like those specific ones. I’m considering it, but haven’t made the jump yet.

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