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Have you ever wished you could have a personal shopper? Someone who would pick out clothes for you, tell you what goes with what and how to style your outfits so you look current and stylish?

Many department stores offer that service, but really, who has time to go shopping anymore? I used to love spending my days roaming the mall but these days I can barely find time to pick up groceries, to say nothing of perusing the mall for the perfect outfit.

But what if you had a virtual personal shopper? Wouldn’t that be cool? If you could send a picture of yourself to someone online and describe your personal style and what you’re looking for, and they did the shopping for you and mail it right to your front door? And you could keep what you want and return the rest for no fee? How cool would that be!?

Someone should invent that.

Oh wait. They did! Ha! I crack myself up.

Meet Cakestyle — your very own personal stylist.

I was recently invited to try out Cakestyle to see what I think. Not one to turn down a chance to shop, especially when I don’t have to leave my house, I agreed to receive a box and experience Cakestyle for myself.

Basically you go in and make an account and fill in some information about your personal style, all your sizes, and what your lifestyle is like. Then a stylist reaches out via email and you can explain any special events you have coming up or if there is something in particular you are looking for. This stylist has a profile on the site so you can see who she is, what she looks like, etc. (It’s not some frumpy hausfrau hiding behind a computer screen, in case you were wondering!)

Then she puts a box together for you and sends it out. It includes return shipping labels and even packaging tape, and you have 10 days to return anything you don’t like.

Now I’ll be honest, that part is a challenge for me. I’m SO bad about procrastinating a trip to the post office. In fact, I still haven’t returned my Cakestyle box yet, and I received it at least two weeks ago. I’m famous for allowing my window of opportunity to run out when it comes to returning merchandise I order online, so if this is you, you really have to be disciplined because your credit card is on file and after 30 days, they will charge you for anything you haven’t returned.

The other caveat I have to mention is that the products are definitely high end designer brands — Theory, Paige Premium, Trina Turk, Milly . . . to name a few. These are gorgeous pieces, but they aren’t a fit for everyone’s budget.

As for the experience itself, I loved it. I love having someone else shop for me, and she picked out items I wouldn’t have pulled off the rack, but I was determined to try on every piece. Rather than take pictures this time, I made a video. Check it out! (And please excuse my disaster of a bedroom. I’m such a slob.)

So the red Trina Turk blouse I showed in my Daily Mom Style post this week was one of the items that came in my Cakestyle box. It costs more that I would typically spend on a top, but I felt like it was special enough to warrant the price. Cakestyle did give me a gift card to use to try out their service, but I will end up going over that if I keep anything else. I still haven’t made up my mind. The gray dress is quite spendy, but I really like it, and so did my husband. And the coral jeans are adorable.

What do you think? What should I keep, and what should I return?

Another nice thing about shopping with Cakestyle is you have someone available to help you style your pieces if you’re unsure about something. I emailed Kait, my personal “Cakestylist” and she replied within 24 hours:

I’m so glad you like the red top, it’s really a beautiful piece. I love it untucked with jeans, a nude or white cami worn underneath would work really well. For a casual look I like how it looks with a tank left out a bit so you get a little pop of white. If the tank is nude, I would tuck it in since the colors won’t look right untucked. It also looks great tucked into a pencil skirt, black would be really sharp or even a black leather skirt!

I especially appreciated the advice about the tank — I was having trouble figuring out what color to wear under the top and whether or not it should be tucked in.

All in all, I think Cakestyle is a brilliant idea. It is the perfect solution for a working woman who needs a professional wardrobe and doesn’t have time to shop, or for the woman who isn’t confident in her own abilities to pick out clothing for herself and wants a little extra help.

You can also purchase a gift certificate and treat some special someone in your life to the Cakestyle shopping experience.

So I’m interested to hear, do you think you would use Cakestyle? Have you ever tried anything like this before? What are your thoughts about a virtual personal shopper?


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    Wow – this is a very cool idea for women like me who LOATHE shopping in malls/stores. I don’t do high-end/pricey retail. (I’m more of a Goodwill kind of lady.) But the idea is GREAT. As for the items, I actually liked the first 2 tops, esp. the first one, but I do have an old fogey tendency – haha :) The gray/black sweater dress with the flouncy skirt was really cute, and the patter on the bodice was very slimming for you. The red/white silk shirt — I would never wear that or pick that, but you did, and that just shows that people have such different preferences! You would not want to see my closet. It’s black and gray with a little blue and brown thrown in for variety – haha!

    I loved watching this video. If you do it again, try placing your camera differently, so you can back up and we can see the whole outfit. Maybe place a full length mirror behind you, so we can see the whole outfit without your having to walk across the room? I’m not usually into your style posts, but this one was fun! I love how they let you shop in your own bedroom.

    • says

      Oh my video setup was horrid. I need a better spot. Would you believe I do NOT have a full length mirror? I KNOW.

      I am really torn on that gray dress. It is over $300 so it is probably not happening. My hubby liked it though!

      You crack me up – “You would not want to see my closet. It’s black and gray with a little blue and brown thrown in for variety – haha!” I can so relate. I’m trying to get better about buying color but I still gravitate to gray and black.

  2. says

    Ok, I really liked your video and seeing all your new outfits (well, the ones you keep). I loved the dress with the stripes and flouncy skirt. It looked fabulous on you. Sounds like a really good way for busy women to shop. I actually enjoy going to stores and digging through the racks, but I can definitely see this being a help to many women.

    I actually linked a post today. Don’t laugh. My advice is pretty simple – Find someone who dresses well and imitate them. I chose Lisa Leonard, whose outfits I always admire. :-)


  3. says

    This is a great video! I actually went to their site after looking at your daily style post on Wednesday! It looks like SUCH a great option! I am definitely one to gravitate towards black, white, and grey. I usually use accessories for color but I don’t go too far out of my comfort zone. I don’t shop high end but I work with a lot of people in my community and want to look (more) professional. I would love to get some work outfits that aren’t just jeans!! This was such a fun post to read and I loved the video!! I hope you keep that red top and the coral jeans!!!!!! 😀

  4. says

    I love that it’s the idea of a personal shopper without having to leave home. I love to browse in stores, but can’t stand trying anything on. let alone have someone tell me to try on about 30 things. Great post, Jo-Lynne!

  5. says

    I love the idea of having a personal stylist help me out – but I don’t have deep enough pockets for this! Maybe someday.

    Still, love the concept and thanks for sharing! Sounds like it would be fun to save up for and do maybe once a year as a treat. : )

  6. Em says

    Too bad CakeStyle shut down. I was trying them and CoutureSqd (still around, thank goodness!), which is another clothing service that’s more affordable. Maybe I’ll write a blog post on them if you aren’t going to, haha…

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