Daily Mom Style 11.14.12

We women are a fickle lot. All summer, I complained that my daily mom style posts lacked interest because layering was impractical with the heat. Now that the weather is colder and layering possibilities abound, all I want to do is spend the day in yoga pants and sweatshirts.

Case in point.

day 1

Okay, I know this isn’t exactly high style, but it’s what I’m wearing. Don’t judge. I spent the day in a dirty car repair shop waiting room. And come on, don’t we all deserve at least one day a week to be comfy? (Just pay no mind to Day 4 below.)

How about this? Any better?

day 2

I layered this pink sweater over a brown tank and wore it with my skinnies and my oldest boots on Saturday for hanging out and running errands. I wore two hand stamped silver necklaces, although I think this top needs a longer, bolder necklace. Or perhaps a scarf.

day 3

Who’s wearing a blue bra? Quick! Someone dial 1-800-fashion-emergency!

You’ve seen this dress eleventy-trilion times over the past few weeks. What can I say? I love it, and it is so comfortable. Instead of my boots, I wore it with these wedge pumps for a change.

They’re cute, but I think I like the outfit better with boots. They give it more of a modern edge. What do you think?

day 4

That silly dog won’t leave me alone when I’m taking pictures. But how cute is she?

I love this top, it’s from the Oakley outlet, and you can’t see it but it has a hood. It seems like one step above the fleece sweatshirt on those days when I can’t bear to give up my yoga pants.

day 5

Look. ma! No glasses! I wore my red skinnies with this black sweater to take my son to a doctor appointment. I’d been at home for three days straight and was dying to dress in real clothes and get out of the house. I went with black ballet flats because it was a warm day, but looking at this photo, I think boots would provide some much needed balance to the bulky sweater.

I have to admit, I feel pretty pathetic posting photos of me in yoga pants and calling the post Daily Mom Style. But some days I look at my closet full of colorful jeans and sweaters and think, WHY? I’m not going anywhere! I figure if I match and I’m wearing makeup, I’m not going to frighten the mailman, right?

Are these posts getting old? I’m considering backing off and doing this feature every other week, and maybe just featuring one key outfit rather than what I’m wearing every day. Whaddya think?

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  1. says

    Yoga pants are an awesome daily mom style! Now if you were wearing your husband’s old sweatpants and a ratty sweatshirt that would be different. I think seeing how comfy clothes can look cute is very helpful. :)

  2. says

    Your yoga pants are clean and fitted. So they look cute. And yes, it is hard to be motivated to really get dressed when you’re staying home all day. I like your style posts but would absolutely understand decision to cut back on frequency. At least you’re posting–I’m in a major blog funk!

    • says

      I am actually in blog posting overload. there is SO MUCH I want to say, and posts are reeling thru my head all day, but I don’t have TIME to get it all out. Too many other commitments competing for my time….

      I envy your running! You’re really tearing it up! When is the half marathon?

  3. Kathy says

    I like your daily mom style posts and I think you should keep it up. It just shows us that you are a real mom and that you don’t get dressed up everyday. You still always look great even in your yoga pants. You are just being honest and down to earth about your style.

  4. Helena says

    Hi there, I’m new to your blog and really enjoy it. I personally love seeing your yoga pants days! It’s so nice to see a mom style blog that features … wait for it … REAL mom style. I love my dress up days too, but sweats are a mom reality, and I love seeing how great they can look, and how having polished hair and makeup makes all the difference. In fact, it would be awesome if you considered a post with some of your tips around how to work the yogas and sweats!

  5. Beth says

    I like the dress with the wedge pumps as well as with the boots, I think it can go either way. I do think boots would have balanced the sweater better on day 5. I do like seeing what you’re wearing each week, if you’re getting tired of writing the posts maybe just post the pictures and don’t worry about saying as much? Or only write something when you have a new piece you want to talk about?

    • says

      Heh, it is the writing that I like! The taking of pictures gets old, and the uploading and editing… it is time consuming, for sure. But I enjoy analyzing my outfits, I am nerdy like that!

  6. Suzanne says

    I love the mom style pics, but I imagine it’s tough to get a shot everyday. Also, yoga pants and sweatshirts are an honest mom-reality and can look very cute and sporty. Don’t apologize for being real! :-)

  7. says

    I so prefer summer style to winter style because I don’t like wearing layers! OH well–we do what we have to! I love your sense of humor about the blue bra strap showing (it happens to all of us!) and I love your sweater for the last outfit!

  8. says

    I hope you don’t stop the “what I wore” posts, I log on weekly just for that! After many years working as a nurse and living in scrubs, it is nice to see some examples of things to wear on days off – and that are age appropriate. If it helps, I live in yoga pants when I think no one will see me – and they are actually kind of cute.

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