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Fashion Over 40

So yeah, hi. It’s like 215 degrees here in Philly. YIKES! But I’ve been pretty good at taking photos of the cuter outfits this week.

Day 1

I threw this on to hang around the house one day last week. Just a gray striped V-neck and cut-offs with my Under Armour Spine Lazer Sneakers that I received as part of a blog promotion with Finish Line earlier this summer. I threw on some simple silver jewelry to dress up the casual outfit.


fashion over 40 summer casual

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Day 2

These pink and white patterned shorts are new and I LOVE THEM! I ordered them from Old Navy. They’re a bit snug in the waist, especially when I tuck my shirt in, but I guess that’s just a little added encouragement not to overindulge, right? I wore this outfit out to dinner last weekend.


I love how the green bag contrasts with the pink and white outfit.


Day 3

This is just a plain outfit I wore on Saturday to go to the outlet mall with my family. Yep — same shirt from the day before — which could clearly use an iron, but I’m lazy.


Those are my new Orthaheels. I broke then on on Saturday walking around the outlets. I like them okay with casual outfits such as this one, but they’re not really dressy enough for some of my fun outfits. And the arch is a bit high on the left foot which is a bit uncomfortable, but maybe I’ll get used to that.

Day 4

I wore the Orthaheels again on Sunday with this outfit. Now this one’s a bit of a stretch for me! I finally picked up a chambray shirt at J.Crew Factory, and I love how this one has a button so you can roll up the sleeves. But I find the collar uncomfortable and the whole outfit just felt a bit awkward to me. It felt heavy for such a hot day, but I was glad I had the extra coverage in church where it’s always chilly. Tell me what you think!


Also, just barely peeking out is this cute statement necklace, also from J.Crew Factory. I am loving their fashion jewelry this season!!


Day 5

Finally, I wore this blouse and white jeans on a date night with my husband. I’ve had this blouse in my closet for months (from Banana Republic) and never wore it. It is kind of long and baggy so I realized it needs to be tucked in — NOT a look I am comfortable with, but all the shirts out nowadays seem to be cut in a more relaxed style so I guess tucking is a reality I’m going to have to deal with!


I love the knotted neckline and the print of this blouse.


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  1. Cheryl says

    I LOVE the chambray shirt outfit. I don’t usually wear stuff with collars, either, but I do love the look of the chambray shirt and picked one up recently since they’re so popular right now. I can see how that outfit might feel heavy in this heat, though. Maybe it’s a good one to keep on hold for fall.

  2. Beth says

    Wearing a collared shirt may take some getting used to for you, but I really like the chambray shirt outfit. Totally understand being warm outside in it with this weather, but if you’re anywhere air conditioned for very long it’d be nice.

  3. Kelly says

    I guess I’ll be the lone dissenter and say that the chambray shirt outfit is not my favorite:P BUT, I do love the necklace and the Banana Republic shirt is very cute;)

  4. says

    I wore a very similar outfit as the Chambray Shirt/Maxi Skirt last week. I had a striped skirt, black tank and chambray knotted top. It was awkward for me too, but everyone seemed to love it. I think it looks really cute on you.

    You did awesome for such a hot week. I only have one outfit photographed. Yesterday, I took two showers and changed my shirt 3 times. I was running around and sweating like crazy. It was way too hot for WIWW. lol.

    • says

      LOL, I don’t know, heat doesn’t really bother me, but I sit at a computer most of the day so that could be it. The house is air conditioned and I don’t mind throwing on a cute dress or shorts and a tee. But that chambray/maxi skirt outfit was pretty heavy, I will admit!

  5. says

    The skirt outfit is cute, but not really you, in my opinion. But there all kinds of things to do with a chambray shirt! I like wearing mine over a sundress–if it is an especially feminine pattern the chambray offers a nice contrast. And I’ve worn mine knotted, but I didn’t love it, so I look for outfits that I can wear it buttoned.

    I haven’t fallen in love with the print short trend–nothing has been must have for me yet. But, I bet those would look good with the chambray shirt!

  6. says

    Jo-Lynne, these are all great looks on you. I quit working a year ago and promised myself not to become a slouch. Low and behold…I have! I’ve been wearing the same faded rolled up pair of jeans over and over because they are so comfortable. You are motivating me. I actually have nice clothes from working and need to incorporate those into the day to day some.

  7. Brenda says

    I really like the chambray shirt on you. It’s different that outfits you usually wear, but I think it’s a great departure from your norm. I agree with trying it with dresses and the white jeans. I bet the collar will just take some getting used to. I also really like the last top tucked in. Great week!

  8. says

    I love the pink shorts! And, coming from a girl who lives in j. crew, I am not in love with the chambray shirts. That necklace, though – gorgeous!

  9. says

    It’s so interesting to read your reactions to your clothes, b/c I think I would have the same reactions. I’d adore the white shirt and wear it too much. It looks SO comfortable and easy. I also would dislike the tied blue shirt; I always avoid shirts with pockets on the chest, and (personally) I dislike the buttoned sleeves b/c they emphasize my arms :) But the whole tied-around-the-waist thing is overdone for me. And hot. Yep. And that other blue shirt, the last one — it doesn’t look as good on you. You’re right that the neckline is nice, but the mid-section doesn’t flatter you. (Haha — “flatter you”!!) Don’t you love catching yourself making a stupid joke you didn’t intend? Anywho.

  10. Claudia says

    Hi there! I love your blog and I’m regular. I’ve been meaning to ask where are your cut offs from? and your white skinnies! Love them both. Thanks in advance!

  11. says

    I love your outfits on day 1 and 3. I’m a simple girl so those outfits just look completely comfortable to me. I’m originally from PA (Lock Haven) and I cannot believe the kind of heat going on up there! I feel for you-un’s. ;o)

  12. Emily G says

    I have a question about the “What I Wore Wednesday” concept … Is it designed to serve purely as motivation to get dressed & put some effort into your outfits, or is it designed to be a sort of accountability type thing, where you post your outfits from each day, regardless of whether you stayed in yoga pants & a tee shirt, OR put on a cute blouse, skirt, and makeup? I always thought it was the latter, but the WIWW posts I see seem to highlight the days where they succeeded in getting dressed & looking nice, but not the grubby days. And I see few that have 7 days of outfits, so I’m a little unclear on the whole idea.
    Please don’t take this the wrong way … I see 6 outfits on your’s this week, so I highly doubt you grub it up very often. And you definitely have an eye for fashion, so I am thankful for the ideas & inspiration!

    • says

      LOL – I think it all depends on who is doing it. Lindsey’s original intent was to hold herself accountable to getting dressed, but she never posts all 7 days. I started doing it with her for the accountability, but now it’s more about trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone and showing other women how they can look nice without going all out. So my purpose has definitely evolved.

      I do show some grubby days from time to time – just to keep it real and relatable, but the purpose for my blog is more about showing real moms in the trenches how they can look stylish and age appropriate without a ton of effort.

      I have tried to clarify the purpose from time to time in my intro, but maybe I should make that a regular part of my post.

  13. says

    Also, a lot of my cutest outfits I am wearing to go out at night. SO I may have been in yoga pants and a sweatshirt till 4pm that day. It adds up to 6 days, but it doesn’t show all my outfits that I wear in a given week. It’s enough work to show 5 or 6 every week – If I showed all 10-12, that would be overkill, ya know? :-)

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