Daily Mom Style 02.05.14

Well this week has certainly been an interesting one! Due to being snowbound and laid up with my foot, I haven’t worn much but yoga pants and baggy sweatshirts, but I managed to put myself together a couple times this week. Three, to be exact. Here’s what I wore!

Day 1

I forget where I wore this, but I must have run some errands because I remember putting on the rain boots so I could trudge through the snow. I don’t have snow boots, but my Hunter wellies serve the purpose quite well.

Hunter Wellies with Camo

I wanted to wear my camo pants, and I wasn’t sure about a top to go with it. I have some summer ones I like to wear but I hadn’t really found a winter one. I thought maybe this casual ripped sweatshirt might be cute with them. It’s okay, but I don’t love it. I think these pants look better with shorter tops.

gray hunters with camo and black

Day 2

This is what I wore the day after I split my face open. I decided I wasn’t going to let that hold me back from socializing so I met some friends for lunch. I almost photoshopped my nose so it’s not so gruesome, but then I decided that was ridiculous. So here it is, folks! My new face.

Marsha Marsha Marsha

Honestly, it looks better in these pictures than it does/did in real life. Hopefully it’s a good omen that it will heal up without doing anything funky. I have ones of those keloid scars on my back and I do not want one on my nose.

Here is the full outfit. I decided I was tired of skinny jeans so I pulled out these old bootcut Joe’s Jeans (they were a product sample many moons ago) and I paired them with a black top and my leopard scarf.

Leopard Scarf with Black Top, Bootcut Jeans, Boots and Michael Kors Tote

It’s a simple outfit, but it took me a while to come up with it. I tried on a few different things until I landed on this combination. I’ve had the top for a couple weeks, but this is the first time I’ve worn it. It’s on sale for $19 AND Banana is running one of their famous sales right now.

Starting 2/5, take 35% off your purchase, or 40%* off your purchase when you use your BananaCard, GapCard, or Old Navy Card. Use code BRSAVE. Ends 2/5. Restrictions apply.

I dug out the tobacco colored tote because I thought it complimented the colors in the outfit. I don’t this this tote is available anywhere anymore, unfortunately.

Michael Kors Jet Set Zip Top Tote in Luggage

The boots are old too. I wore my Sardinia Bracelet (win one here!!!) and big gold circle earrings from Francesca’s. AND since it was a (rare) mild day, I broke out my black leather jacket.


Day 3

Today I finally got myself up and out of the house for the first time in four days. It felt good. I found this patterned top from Athleta in the bottom of my dresser drawer and realized I’ve only ever worn it once. I’d been waiting to get a puffer vest to go over it. It seems like a lot of print on its own. Well, now I have a puffer vest! I had envisioned cream or gray, but the black goes alright I guess.

snow day

It’s cold and snowy so I wore my UGGs. Although the rain boots would have been a better option. The grocery store parking lot was a mess, and I had to be careful that I didn’t splatter them with slush, but the UGGs are warmer, so there’s that.

puffer vest

That’s all I’ve got to show for myself this week. How about you? Did you try any new looks this week? Or are you hibernating too?

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  1. Cheryl says

    Your nose does not look that bad at all…I was expecting much worse from your description. I love those gray UGGs…they look so comfy and it’s unusual to find boots that are warm AND tall. Wish I could find something similar…have been looking for casual gray boots.

  2. Nadine says

    I love the second outfit. It feels good to pull out the ol’ bootcuts every now and then! When I was a kid, I fell and cut my nose right on the bridge between my eyes. I ended up with a scar, but I am able to cover it with makeup. I am sure you will be able to do the same. Hang in there!

  3. says

    You need some Bean Boots! (L.L.Bean) although living in Maine I don’t have any snow boots either. I pull on hubby’s muck boots to shovel (rarely) and just walk from my car to door so I haven’t invested in boots in years.

  4. Christa says

    Try some Vitamin E oil and that helps to heal without a scar. I agree with others that it does not look that bad, but it looks like it hurts! Ouch. I felt so bad for you when I read that post. Love your outfits!

  5. says

    Visiting from the I Feel Pretty Link-up! I love wearing my Hunter boots all winter long. I have some fleece Hunter socks that really keep my feet warm, you should get some! They’re awesome.

    <3 Vicki

    • says

      HA! It’s not my favorite accessory, lol. The boots I got on a flash sale at Shopbop. They’re normally $140 and I think I got them for less than $100. If that’s not in the budget, I’ve seen them at Target. I don’t know about Kohl’s or payless, but those are worth a try too. They will be great going into spring. I HATE RAIN.

  6. says

    Morning Jo-Lynne, I’ve been reading your posts about your tough week and just haven’t had a chance to comment until now. I am sorry you’ve had some many difficulties to deal with in one week. Just remember though, you’ve given birth to multiple children. If you can do that you can do this too! Y

    our outfits look nice as always! Your a fashion inspiration to me! And as far as your nose goes, it will heal and doesn’t look that bad. Besides – look on the positive side – this happened AFTER your awesome Dr. Oz appearance. See? It could have been worse!

    Enjoy your day.

  7. says

    Oh man, your poor nose! Doesn’t look like that felt too good! I really like your Athleta patterned top, and any kind of waterproof boots are just what you need when you have to walk through snow!

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