ISO Cute & Modest Swimwear for Tween Girls

swimsuits for tween girls

Lately I’ve seen a lot moms of tween girls lamenting the limited choices for modest, age-appropriate swimwear. When my girls were younger, I could grab any old swimsuit at Target and it would be fine. But now that they’re getting older, I’m finding those thin, flimsy swimsuits aren’t up to the task of keeping our girls modest and comfortable so this summer I’m on the search for quality swimsuits that don’t break the bank.

I’ve had a few great discoveries, and I also put the question out on my Facebook page to get even more advice. I’ll compile all that information here, so if you’re also looking for good quality, modest swimwear, this post is for you! And feel free to leave your own tips in the comments. At this age, you may have to flop back and forth between the kids’ and juniors’ departments. Both my girls can still shop in the girls’ departments, and I’m keeping them there as long as I can!!!!

Where to find cute & modest swimwear for girls:

1. ThredUP

I lucked out and found a suit for my 11-year-old daughter on ThredUP (an online resale site) that was new with tags, and it’s a very nice suit — a fully lined tankini that is modest and cute.

2. Kohl’s

I actually did well at Kohl’s this year, but they are hit or miss. I grabbed two swimsuits early in the season for my girls’ Easter baskets. One worked great and the other one, not so much. Ironically it was this cute one-piece that I chose for my older daughter, the 11-year-old, that worked out. It’s not too low cut in the chest area (often my complaint with one-piece suits) and it has a decent lining. Score!

modest swimsuits for girls at Kohl's

Then just last week I also bought this one for my younger daughter, and she likes it a lot. She particularly likes the shorts that go over it; they are lightweight enough to swim in.

Cute swimsuit for girls at Kohl's

3. Lands’ End

Lands’ End has always been good to me in the swimsuit department. I find  to be dependable, their suits are generally very well made, and they stand behind their products if you have any issues.

And right now, their swimwear (and coverups and water shoes and beach towels) are marked down 40% off!!!! Prices shown reflect the savings. 

I just ordered this tankini for my 11-year-old.

Modest Girls' Swimsuit at Lands' End

And also this with these for my 8-year-old. And these cute mary jane water shoes for the lake in Maine where it’s rocky. We had these last year and they were fabulous but they are too small now.

4. Justice

Surprising, I know, but I’ve had a few people I trust tell me they did well at Justice for bathing suits. What I like is that some styles have extra thin removable liners for modesty in sizes 10 and up. YAY! There are a lot of tiny bikinis but also some cute tankinis like this one.

Dye Effect Stripe Tankini Swimsuit

And today, online only, they have their swimwear marked an additional 20% off! (That’s in addition to their typical 40% off. Which is such a racket, butanyway.)

5. J.C. Penney

I haven’t shopped here in YEARS but I know they’re rebranding and I’ve heard a lot of good things. I’m definitely willing to give them a second look. You have to sort through all the bikinis in the juniors’ department, but they have some cute modest styles too.

modest swimsuits for girls at J.C. Penney

6. Boston Store

Someone suggested this on my  Facebook page. I admit, Boston Store is new to me, but they have some cute styles. Their juniors’ section looks awfully grown-up to me, but they have a kids’ section too.

7. Lime Ricki

This is another new one to me. These are more modest than most; that is their goal. They only carry women’s sizes, but if your daughter is on the larger side, they might work. They are also a bit more pricey than some, but again, it depends on your needs. Sometimes it’s worth it to spend a bit more, especially if you do a lot of swimming.

Modest Swimsuits for Women at Lime Ricki

8. Macy’s

Again, you will have to sift through a lot of riff raff, but department stores often offer a large selection with a variety of styles and price points. Macy’s has some cute ones with shorts in their juniors’ department.

modest swimsuits for girls at Macy's

9. Garnet Hill

Garnet Hill also has cute styles that tend to be well made, and they are running a 30% off sale right now.

modest swimsuits for girls at Garnet Hill

10. Boden

Again, these can be pricey, but if you shop their sales, you can do well. They’re also running a 30% off sale — on all Childrenswear!!

Cute Girls' Swimsuits at Boden

Those are my top picks for tweenage girls’ swimwear. I just ordered from Lands’ End because I’m familiar with their sizing and quality and their current sale prices are fantastic, but there are certainly lots here to choose from. Go forth and shop!


  1. says

    I just got Libbie a Land’s End like-new suit from eBay for $4! (That was WITH shipping. Awesome.) It is a little big for this year, but will be adorable for next year. While she’s definitely not a preteen, next year she will be almost 7 (sob) and it can’t hurt to instill the modesty lessons early. The suit we got is similar to the Land’s End one in the collage, but it’s a beautiful turquoise paisley print. I know Gymboree is probably too young for your girls, but for those not-toddler-but-not-preteens, I love their styles. They are always quality, too.

  2. katie says

    Great post that was helpful! Having a 12 year old who is almost taller than me and the little girls and even some junior’s clothing is too small with the way it is cut these days, this gave me some new places to look for her!

  3. says

    My daughter is on a swim team so she is always wearing practice suits. When she goes to the pool for fun with her friends, she always wants to wear the complete opposite, a bikini. These are such cute suits and I really like the tankini’s you picked!


  4. says

    I am very soon going to start having to be picky about the swimwear for my daughter. Walmart and Target just do not cut it anymore the suits are so thin and wear out so quickly.

  5. says

    Love these ideas! My girls are 9 and 12 and my younger daughter LOVES tankinis, while my older daughter loves bikinis. It can be nearly impossible to find one that isn’t too skimpy. I found a great one for my 12-year-old at Justice. Yesterday they had a FABULOUS one-day sale (additional 20% off select bathing suits…I bet they repeat they sale around July 4th!)

  6. TexasCC says

    The issue I have with my tween is she has not “filled” out tops to earn her a juniors bathing suit but she is not “little girl” shaped either. She needs padding in top section just to cover any awkwardness…but everything is so big on her. Ugh!

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