9 Blogs I Read

9 blogs I read

I’ve had some requests for a list of blogs that I read regularly. I love this idea for two reasons. First, I’m happy to share with you the blogs I find helpful or entertaining because you might enjoy them too. Plus, I like the idea of paying it forward. I know that I have benefitted when other bloggers have linked to me as one of their must-read blogs, plus it just makes me happy to know that what I’m doing here is worthwhile to some!

So here is a list of the blogs that I subscribe to. I subscribe by email, not RSS, because I never take the time to check out my RSS feed anymore. A while back, I started using email to subscribe to the few blogs that I don’t want to miss. There are SO MANY OTHER AWESOME BLOGS out there. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I hate knowing that I am excluding so many dear friends by writing this list. This list changes frequently, but for now, these are the blogs that I’ve invited into my email inbox.

9 Blogs I Read

Adventures in Babywearing

I “met” Steph many moons ago through a 5 Minutes For Mom Ultimate Blog Party and we hit it off. Then she and I met in real life on the very first Disney Mom Blogger Mixer organized by Maria Bailey. That trip was such a blast. Her blog is always a breath of fresh air. She has stayed true to being a memoir blogger and her way with words, and now photos, always inspires me to be a better writer and blogger.

Such The Spot

I met Darcie on the same Disney trip in 2008. Unfortunately the photos I had from that trip (and all photos on the blog) got lost when I switched from Typepad to WordPress a few years ago. At the time Darcie wasn’t there as a blogger, but as a representative of the Disney Mom Panel. Soon after that she started blogging at Such the Spot, and she has also authored a book or two. Her blog is a mix of food, travel and memoir. I love her voice. This girl is a hoot, but she has a softer serious side as well. She’s not afraid to be vulnerable on her blog. She’s also one of the most thoughtful moms I know. She inspires me to be a better mother and to put family first.

As Many As We’re Given

Nicole has been reading my blog . . . maybe forever? She is one of the few who has stuck around and still comments regularly. We became friends through the comment section and I subscribe to her blog to keep up with her busy life as a mama of six . . . YES, SIX!! She’s also a runner. She is one of my biggest running cheerleaders and inspired me to run that half marathon in September after she ran one the previous winter. I’ve enjoyed seeing her grow as a blogger and become more vulnerable in her posts, and while she tends to blog a big sporadically, ahem, I hope she will find the mojo to keep going. We did get to meet ONCE in real life — at Blissdom 2012. We met Joe Jonas together!!


Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Kelly was integral in my “Real Food Conversion” — a phrase I am totally borrowing from her! Hers was one of the first blogs I found after reading Michael Pollan’s book and discovering this entire subculture of real foodies, and I remember spending hours jumping from post to post, learning as much as I could from this mom who, just like me, was your typical mainstream mom who discovered a better way. Never judgmental or know-it-all, she patiently answered all my questions and we became fast friends. When we met at the WAPF Conference in 2010, and it was like seeing an old friend, not someone I was meeting for the first time.


I keep up my subscription to her blog because it’s a valuable source of real food information and keeps me up on the latest news and information.

Divine Health

Lydia and I met at the WAPF Conference a few years ago and became fast friends. She encouraged me to go gluten-free and has been a valuable resource for me throughout my healing journey. Now she is a nutritional therapist, helping others find health and healing through real food. If you need a wellness coach, she’s your girl!

Kitchen Stewardship

Katie came along after I had discovered real food and natural living. I think she might have started commenting on my blog before I discovered hers… I can’t quite remember! But I’ve enjoyed watching her come along in her blogging journey, and I always stand in awe of how much research she does on any given topic. I always go to her site first when I’m conflicted about an issue because she truly tries to understand both sides and presents the facts unemotionally. We roomed together at Blissdom 2011, and I had a blast getting to know her in person. She is a sweetheart!!

O Happy Daze

This is my cousin Ashley’s blog, but I don’t read her just because she’s family. She is an engaging writer and hilarious, and probably one of the only people I know who is as wordy as I am! Ha! I love hearing about her life as a new mom, and most recently she has started recording her “experiment in self reduction.” It’s fascinating to read how she is simplifying her life and reducing the excess around her. I’ve been in my own simplification mode recently, so reading about her journey helps me stay true to mine.

The Inspired Room

Although I’ve known Melissa for years in the blogging world, I recently began subscribing to her blog after following a link off of Facebook or Twitter… I don’t remember where, but I’ve been enjoying her fresh approach to home decorating since I’ve taken a renewed interest in nesting lately. I love her casual approach to decorating. I’m soaking it all in and trying to find wisdom and inspiration from her seasonal decor changes to make my own home enjoyable to be in all year round.

Life On The Wild Side

Finally, last but certainly not least, Shelly is someone I met through the comment section here on my blog, and we hit it off and became friends and eventually roomed together at Blissdom.


She is a thoughtful wife and mom, and we share an obsession with all things Downton Abbey. Need I say more?? But I will. Shelly is a writer and college professor and an avid traveler. I’ve enjoyed watching her jaunts around the globe these past few years. Sometime I hope to follow in her footsteps. She is also a mom of teenage daughters and she truly enjoys them. It’s nice to be friends with someone who is a few years ahead of me that can encourage me that mothering teens isn’t as scary as it sounds, and it will be okay. It might even be fun!!!


I guess this makes 10, but I already made my graphic so consider this a bonus blog. And, I don’t subscribe so . . . it’s not one of the 9. YET. I am subscribing right now because I check on it enough that I should just get it overwith and have it come to my email. Pinterest Told Me To is taking the mom blog fashion world by storm. Not only is Sheaffer an absolute hoot and a holler, she has great taste and tells us what to wear and where to go to buy at the best prices. HOW she creates so much content, I have no idea. Her posts go on forever, they are full of clever graphics, photos and links, and lots of chatter to keep it fun. I love seeing what she comes up with and I’ve bought several items from her recommendations. She hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

And while I’m in the bonus section, there are another few blogs I read regularly and don’t subscribe to because I participate in their linkys and read them when I link up my posts. Get Your Pretty On and The Pleated Poppy are two other go-to blogs for fashion inspiration that you should definitely check out.

So…. what are some of your favorite blogs to read? Who do you invite into your email inbox? Give them a shout-out (and a link) in the comments!


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    Another great site for whole food eating is 100 Days of Whole Foods. A great resource book is “The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia” by Rebecca Wood. It isn’t a recipe book but it contains a lot of nutritional information on healthy oils, and foods. I’m one of your remote device readers so I don’t get a chance to pop in and comment, but I am enjoying your blog!

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    I am so honored to have made your list, especially because I have long considered you (and Steph) to be my blogging mentors. The blogscape has changed so much over the last six years, yet your blog remains one of the few (six, actually) blogs I read regularly. I look to you for inspiration and insight on how to craft relevant posts worth the time it takes to read them. And also? My personal style would be lightyears behind if it weren’t for you! :). Thank you so much for sticking with me through the years and for the continued mentorship! Hugs, friend.

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    Oh I love these lists! I love seeing what my favorite bloggers like to read! It ALWAYS gives me some new fresh blogs to read….well new to me anyway. :) I switched to Feedly when Google Reader shut down and I subscribe to my very favorite can not miss blogs there…all other blogs I like/follow via facebook, twitter, pinterest, & google+, that way one way or the other I will see their posts but it’s not clogging up my “have to read” list.

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    Oh goodness, Jo-Lynne this is such a honor! I sometimes have to laugh about how long we’ve “known” each other online and off! And our Disney trip seems like it was just a year ago! Such a great list here, too! I am still a reader for many of my old favorites- mainly through email or feedly, but haven’t branched out to new reads much at all! I’d like to change that for the new year!

    Love always! (And congrats on that cookbook!!!!!)

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    This is great, Jo-Lynne. I love this idea. Like Steph, I haven’t branched out too much from my favorite old reads. There’s something so sacred about the group of mom bloggers that all started together several years ago. Having said that, there are awesome newer bloggers too that I hope to have more time to read this year. And just so you know, yours is def. on my top ten list!


    Congrats on the cookbook friend. I can’t wait to read it!!

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    I’m totally honored to be in your top 9, out of all the bazillions of blogs you’ve probably read once or twice over the years! Would you believe that conference in 2011 is the last one I’ve been to? Man, I need to get out more! I always love when you pop up in the comments on KS, and I think, “How did she know what I was writing about?” Now I know! {hugs} Katie

  7. Stephanee says

    I’m new to your blog and am really enjoying it! The only other one I’ve invited into my mailbox is My Year of Fabulous – where last year she “tried on” a different style each month trying to find the best one for her. Holly is everywoman -enjoy!

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