Blissdom Recap Link Up

Blissdom may be over, but there is still fun to be had.  I love getting home after a conference and reading through all of the recap posts and browsing through all the fabulous photos.  It helps a bit with the post-conference letdown.

After the last two Blissdom conferences, I put up a linky for Blissdom recap posts, and they were both a huge hit.  So if you wrote a Blissdom recap post this year, link up below so everyone can find you! You can link up as many posts as you write, and please link back here so people know where to find more Bliss!


    • says

      Thank you for this chance to share – and to read the others.

      People keep telling me about this energy I have since blissdom – even though I’m dying of Blissdom plague – they are strangely hanging on my words, and telling me things, and sharing, and opening up – it’s strange – but nice.

      I think it was all the estrogen – it rubbed off.

      And who’d uv thunk a guy would have “withdrawl”? Even though I fought the urge to run and hide half the time – I still want it to be last Wednesday again. Thank you.

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