Back to . . . NORMAL?

Among us bloggers, in our private groups and inner circles, I keep hearing the same thing. We can’t WAIT to get back to creating content as usual.

No matter how hard I try to be selective, I find that November and December become inundated with sponsored posts and gift guides . . . to the point that when it’s all over, I have to stop and think, what did I used to write about!???

I make every attempt to keep my voice authentic no matter what I’m writing about, and I believe I stay true to myself, but at the end of the day (or, the holiday season!!), I just can’t wait to get back to my regular posting schedule.

Every year I swear I won’t commit to so much the next year, that I’ll be more selective, I will not run myself ragged. And every year, I agree to “one more thing” and “one more thing” until I feel like Indiana Jones in that attraction at Hollywood Studios when he’s running and that huge boulder is chasing him. It’s all I can do to stay one step ahead.

And then suddenly. IT STOPS.

And here I am.

All the gift guides and sponsored posts and holiday recipes are written, and everyone is winding down and shifting their focus to their families and holiday celebrations. It’s time to bake (without the pressure to stage beautiful photos) and wrap presents and play Christmas music and pack for our trip home for the holidays.

Today I spent the morning putting together a photo album celebrating the past year in the life of our family — our extended family, that is. The album will be a gift for my in-laws  After that, I went for a run, showered, stopped by the bank and then managed to fit in a manicure before heading over to my girls’ school to chaperone a classroom Christmas party. From there, I picked up my son, dropped him a drum lessons, came back home to meet the school bus, went back to retrieve my son, and came home and packed for our holiday travels. Amidst all that I managed to make a nice family dinner and roll a batch of peanut butter balls.

Yeah, it’s been QUITE a day.

I can not WAIT to get back home and back to “business as usual.”

Meanwhile, posting will likely be scarce this week, as I will be spending time with family and making memories.

I do plan to post my “Year in Pictures” 2012 recap on New Year’s Day. I’ve already got it mostly written and ready to go, and I’ll include a linky for those who want to join me! If you’ve never done one before, you can see my previous ones here. It’s a great way to take a little walk down memory lane and commemorate the current year before moving on to the next one!

And because it wouldn’t be a blog carnival without a cute button . . .

Feel free to grab it and use it to link back when you write your post.

I hope you and yours have a lovely and relaxing holiday! See ya on the flip side!


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    I understand your sentiments very well. But I just wanted to say “thank you!” for you gift guides. You truly helped me get my Christmas shopping done early on…. and those last minute stocking stuffer ideas for guys saved the day! Enjoy your Christmas and I hope you get to relax and savor the moments!

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    I’m embarrassed to say that I have no idea how to do the cute button thing. How do I add it to my post? How do I make it work as a link? Is it just like a photo? Whenever a blogger says “Mr. Linky”, I’m lost :)

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