Amy Allen Clark’s The Good Life for Less

I have had the pleasure of introducing you to many bloggers-gone-authors over the years, and today I am excited to tell you about Amy Allen Clark’s new book, The Good Life for Less!

Amy and I go way back. We’ve known each other pretty much since the dawn of the Internet, and she is one of the sweetest, warmest, most authentic people I know. When I heard she was coming out with a book, I knew it was going to be an instant success because pretty much everything she does, she does completely and perfectly (and yet she is so lovely, you can’t hold it against her).

Her site, Mom Advice, is full of beautiful and useful information on everything from crafting to cooking to photography to homemaking, and you can tell that she truly enjoys her kids and making her house a home. Then she is generous enough to share it all with her vast digtal audience, and now she is sharing it in print as well.

The Good Life for Less book cover

Her book focuses on several main topics — budgeting, creating a frugal kitchen, recipes, making holidays and occasions special, and creative homemaking.

Amy always inspires me, from her blog posts to her Twitter updates to her Instagram photos, to treasure the joy of the everyday. It’s such a wonderful gift to give one’s children, and I wish I could be better at this. Her fourth chapter focuses on finding creative ways of putting the special in “special occasions” without spending a lot of money, but the entire book is sprinkled with little ways to make the everyday mundane activities festive.

This is what sets this book, and Amy, apart from the rest. Anyone can give frugal advice, but not many people can make you actually WANT to live more frugally and simply because they make it look like a party. Amy is probably going to laugh when she reads that, but it is what makes her so inspiring. And don’t get me wrong — she doesn’t tell you that it’s easy, but she does find a way to make the most of her frugal lifestyle.

Her book is a treasure trove of practical advice and information for anyone wanting to live a simpler life, and I am so very happy for her success!!

I received a free copy as a gift from Amy, and you can purchase The Good Life for Less on


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