American Idol Recap — Final 36, Night 1

Yep, we’re down to the final 36.  Did you catch that?  It’s THIRTY-SIX this year.  That means THREE nights of 12 performances.  Nothing like milking it for all it’s worth.  But for better or for worse, here we go.

Tonight it’s Hits from Billboard Hot 100.

A Little Less Conversation — Jackie Tohn: First impression — she’s adorable but I’m not a fan of the shiny spandex.  She’s fun, but I’m not sure she’s going to be a stand-out at the end of the night.

Ricky Braddy — He’s not bad but it’s just not my kinda song.  Hm.  Randy loves it.  So does Cara.  Maybe it’s just me.  Nope.  Simon’s on my page.  Alrighty then.

Never Loved A Man — Alexis Grace: Simon says she’s one to watch.  I dunno about that, but it was the best performance so far.

Hick Town — Brent Keith: He describes it as a “good rockin’ country song” — I’m excited!  Oooh, he’s good!  Okay, well, he’d be good in a smoky country (or should I say hick town) bar on a Friday night.  Not sure he’s Final 12 material.  Cara thinks he has more in him.  I hope so!  Oh no, he’s defending himself against Simon’s critique.  I HATE THAT in a contestant.  Boo, hiss.

You Belong With Me — Stevie Wright: Oh no.  High school talent show-esque.  Too bad.  She’s adorable.  Oh this is painful.  Make it stop.  I’m so embarrassed for her.  I hope Simon doesn’t totally rake her over the coals.  And he did.  Well, the truth hurts.

Angel of Mine — Anoop Desai: Hate this song.  Can’t be objective about the performance.  Yikes, I can be objective about THAT — Out. Of. Tune.  Okay, so the judges are on my page.  Thankyouverymuch.

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic — Casey Carlson: Um, the facial expressions are very distracting.  Oh gosh.  No. Just no.  Cara is my new favorite judge.  She’s honest without being mean.  And strangely, Paula is better this year.

I feel so badly for these kids having to come back and see their parents while the camera is still on them.  I’d dissolve in a heap o’ tears if I had been trashed by the judges and had to come backstage and hug my mommy.

I Don’t Wanna Be — Michael Sarver: I’ve been looking forward to seeing what he will do.  Bo Bice did this song and rocked it.  This isn’t quite measuring up for me.  But his wife is VERY cute.

Natural Woman — Ann Marie Boschovich: This could be a risky song choice.  Well, girlfriend can sing.  I just don’t think the song tells us what she’s going to be like as an artist (to take a quote right from the judges’ bench).  AHA!  LOL!!!  Randy just said he doesn’t get who she is as an artist.  See that?  I could be a judge up there.  Cara, move over.  I’m movin’ on up!

OMG.  That girl just put her foot in her mouth two times in five minutes.  Someone take the mike away from her.

Stephen Fowler: I hate it when contestants sing Michael Jackon on Idol.  I think Stephen needs his piano.  Oh look, Kara said that he was better at the piano too.  Yeah, the judges aren’t feeling it either.

Tatiana’s next.  I’m turning down the volumne a bit.  Her laugh makes me want to shove broken glass in my ears.

You’re kidding.  She’s singing Whitney.  What is UP with the song choices tonight?

Saving All My Love For You — Tatiana Del Toro: Well, you know what, she’s pulling it off.  She actually has an incredible voice.  Kind of an old fashioned performance, though.  Wanna bet one of the judges tell her it isn’t relevant?  Hunh.  No one said the relevant thing.  But they are all wondering “who she is as an artist”.  There really are only about five things the judges say.  Once you get those down pat, you can pretty much predict the show.

The last contestant tonight is Danny Gokey, and he is my pick for American Idol ’09.  I hope he doesn’t let me down.  Not sure about this song choice, though.

Hero — Danny Gokey: Well, if it’s possible for a guy to pull off this song, he’s doing it.  I’d still have prefered something more modern.  The judges like it.  My goodness.  Was it really THAT good?  Okay, Simon is bringing everyone back down to earth.  Thank you Simon.

My top picks of the night:

Best girl: Alexis Grace

Best guy: Danny Gokey

And that’s a wrap.  What say you?


  1. Kari says

    I totally agree with you about Paula being more normal. Love the new judge for sure!

    I like Danny and Alexis too but there will be a 3rd choice as well. My 3rd choice is Anoop, who is yours?

  2. Jo-Lynne says

    Hm. I’m not sure about a 3rd. That’s a tough one. I’d be fine with Anoop. I didn’t care for his song tonight but they seem to think he has potential.

  3. says

    I have to get to watching this season. I’ve been all monopolized with Top Chef and Biggest Loser. Too much reality TV, too little time! sheeeesh.

  4. says

    I completely agree. Hands down! LOVE Danny and Alexis was a surprise for me. I didn’t even realize she was the girl from the auditions when they told her to go “Sex herself up”… or whatever they sang.
    And I wanted Tatiana to be BAD, oh so bad. But dang it. She was beaten for worst tonight by that drop dead gorgous model girl and the sweet young girl who was awful.
    Don’t the parents who did NOT get a stylist make you uncomfortable? And the ones who tell them they were wonderful and they clearly weren’t?
    And I can’t believe there are only 3 that get through. That is going to be TOUGH! But I would go with those 2 previously menioned and either Noop- Dawg (Cause I had to) or a toss between Brent or Ricky.
    The girls just didn’t really show up tonight. Wait! I was channeling Randy! I could be there, too!

  5. says

    I see Danny in the top 5 for sure, and very well could be this year’s AI. He was great tonight, but I voted for Ricky. My thought is America may forget about him, and I sure hope that’s not the case. I voted 10 times (and I never vote until top 12) and got through on every ring.

    Definitely more guy options from this group.

  6. says

    We are on the same page completely.

    I wish someone from American Idol would call me and ask my opinion on how to make the show better.

    #1. – Eliminate Paula as a judge. Cara is a wonderful judge and in addition to being a little crazy, Paula is now redundant.

    #2. – Eliminate the red room and the conversations they have there. And wow! How painful is it to have the parents in the room now? Especially after all the horrible perfomances. Make it stop!

    #3 – Make the show shorter. This could be accomplished by eliminating the red room and by making the judges comment time shorter. Now that there are 4 judges they should all speak less.

    #4 – Eliminate the catty comments between Ryan and Simon. I hate it when they are bickering. It makes me very uncomfortable and it isn’t funny at all.

    #5 – Someone should provide a little more assistance to the contestants when they are picking out their songs. Horrible horrible song choices (like last night) make for a horrible horrible show.

    I still love me some AI but they could make it much better. If only they would contact me!

  7. DonnaS says

    I so agree with you and Beth above. You two should be the new AI judges! Danny, Ricky and Alexis were the best of the bunch, with Danny way out in front.

  8. says

    I’m so glad you did this. I enjoyed your commentary. You said a lot of what I was thinking.. I only made it to Anoop Desai and had to tape the other half. I’m hoping to watch the other half sometime today. So far I agree with you.

  9. Georgia Mom says

    I agree with everything. Danny is by far my favorite over everyone so far. Love him! I agree with another poster, get rid of the interviews with the family members; boring! Get rid of Paula; irrelevant! Keep Cara; but teach her how to use a microphone. And fire the person that produced last nights show, it was filled with errors; bad sound, stupid camera shots and tuns of mistakes! The one quick shot of the back of Ryan’s head, doing who knows what, was worth me rewinding and watching several times. And please, please, please someone help these poor people pick songs! To me it’s the one thing that separates the wanna be’s from the true performers. Oh yea, burn Jackie Tohn’s black pants. No human on earth should ever wear those pants again!!!! I’m not even giving Tatiana the time of day. I don’t care that she can sing, I hope she goes tonight! I’m so glad AI is back on!!!

  10. says

    I heart Danny. Really. And I want him to win. He was by far the best on last night. And I do agree, Kara gets the thumbs up and Paula, well, she can move on…I did feel bad for Carly and Stevie, they were awful. Moving on to next week…

  11. says

    That was hilarious! Loved your commentary. Looking forward to reading another one as I watch next week. My hubby can’t stand to watch it with me and my kids comments aren’t quite as intuitive as yours!

    BTW, I am reading and commenting from my Google reader Firefox extension. Bonus points?

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