5 Wearable Trends for Fall

I can’t believe it, but fall is just around the corner, and all the magazines are sporting fall colors and styles.

I’m not ready for cold temperatures yet, but I am already anticipating some of the fun styles ahead. I’m tired of tanks and shorts, and I long for the opportunity to layer and accessorize without roasting like a marshmallow at a 4th of July cookout!!

Here is a list of some of the trends I am most looking forward to this fall. Not every style may be right for YOU, but these are all fashion trends that I believe are generally wearable for the everyday woman. Tell me what you think!

5 Wearable Trends for Fall

1. Printed Jeans We discussed this in a previous Fashion Friday post. I think this trend is doable if you are careful and try to stick to your comfort zone. If you’re not very adventurous in the fashion department, first try them out in a subtle tone-on-tone pattern or a small-scale print. And make sure the fit and style is right for you.

printed jeans

2. Geometric Dress A geometric printed dress is universally flattering and distracts from any undesirable figure flaws. I also love that it doesn’t require a lot of accessorizing. Pair it with tights and booties, and you’re good to go!

geometric print dress

3. Animal Printed Accessories Animal prints are hotter than ever this season. The easiest way to dip your toe into this trend is by wearing an animal print in an accessory such as your shoes or handbag or scarf.

Animal Spot Scarf at LOFT

Animal Spot Scarf at LOFT

4. Structured Handbag I love this timeless style for its practicality and sensibility. It stands up on its own, it’s easy to find what you need inside, and it’s simply classy. This is my favorite of the Fall 2013 Trends, for sure!!! A classic handbag a great item to find at a thrift store or vintage shop. Structured handbags are timeless and will never truly be out of style.

structured handbags for fall

5. Green From army green to emerald, green is the color of the season this fall. I love how green goes with everything; just find the shade that works best for you.

forest green cable knit cardigan

Which is your favorite??


  1. says

    I’m trying to love green more. Green just isn’t a color I’ve worn much — often fashion green is either bright Kelly, or it’s a muddy green that doesn’t favor my complexion. But I’ve branched out to a few green tees and tanks. I never got into the massive grocery-sack type handbag, personally. I have to have a bag with lots of dividers and pockets to organize my life. I’m not totally sure what a “structured” handbag means — is it stiff? With a grandma snap closure? Hard bottom? Those actually are easier to manage than most people think.

  2. says

    Green is my favorite trend though usually I don’t wear much of it during the fall, I steer more toward mustards, plums, and reds. However I love the idea of incorporating more green into my fall wardrobe…mainly because I have TONS of green! :) I also like the animal print accessories. When I was younger animal print was a popular thing and I sort of got sick of it. But I like the idea of just accessories being animal print.

  3. Beth says

    Since you asked… I’m not crazy about the Shopcade widget. Especially for showing more than one trend. It changed too slowly for me; I felt like I was sitting around waiting for examples of what you wrote about. I think it’s easier to see each trend separately unless you’re showing whole outfits.

  4. says

    I like all of these trends. I don’t have tons of green, but I just picked up a green bicycle print shirt from the Gap. I’m loving it. I mostly wear an army green actually and it’s usually in pants, although I did see a fall jacket in Kohl’s in army green that I love. I hope to get it.

    I’m not loving the widget. I’m sorry. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use, because it’s fine. Since you asked though, I wanted to be honest.

  5. Clare says

    Please don’t use shopcade again. It doesn’t show up on my phone, so I saved your email to view on my computer and is too slow, with wrong prices and is hard to navigate. I know, all first world problems, but I really don’t like it.

    But I do like the post. Upcoming fall trends adapted to mom-life are great.

  6. says

    I love it all except for maybe the animal prints… weren’t they a trend last year? I liked the shopcade widget, it was fun… Maybe thats because I have a short attention span? lol

  7. says

    I’m so excited about the patterned skinny jean trend. I have a pair that I had stockpiled since last year, and I just found another great pair at the thrift store. I’m also loving the green trend. Army green, hunter green, I’ll take it all!

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